Wizards Management's OVER-VALUED roster is the Root of the Problem

1. Ted Leonsis claimed Andray Blatche, John Wall and Jordan Crawford were the cornerstones of the Wizards Franchise.

Huh? Where did he come up with this? Ted has always said that he rely's on his General Manager to totally run the ship. Whether it was the Caps or the Wizards. My conclussion is that Ernie Grunfield has been feeding Ted with his potential theory to the point that Ted Leonsis went in full line and sinker. How else will Ted have the courage to make such a claim.

2. Nick Young is worth $5-$9million a year. Fantasy land thinking. The Wizards were the only team to offer Nick $3.7 million for a one year deal. If a team was willing to give him more then why didn't they. Reason: Nick Young does nothing more than shoot the ball, just check out his stats.

Nick Young was traded for a future 2nd round pick. The Wizards did not even get a 2nd round pick this year for him. The one argument that has absolutely no possible way to quantify Nick's defense is "Nick Young is a great on the ball defender." I can't find a stat for that conclussion, especaiily when I see players just blow by him.

3. Did the Wizards really not trade JaVale McGee for Derrick Williams and the #6 pick (Jan Vesely)? People claim that the trade also included the 2013 #1 pick. My last account that I read said that it did not. If the trade was only JaVale and the #6 pick then the Wizards missed out. It is my opinion that there are so many good forwards on Minnesota's roster that even a ROOKIE as skilled as Derrick Williams will not get many consistent minutes this year.

4. Ted said they will build by the Draft just like the Capitals.

A big, big problem with this scenario. The Capitals can hold a player from age 18 until 27 years old in an actual Minor League system that has different levels to progress. 9 years they can groom a player. Impossible to keep a player that long in a minor league system that does not exist in the NBA. Are we going to keep a player like Hamaday in the D league for 9 years? haha.


JaVale McGee will be getting a contract with a minimum per year of $11 million in my opinion. Someone is going to take a chance on a 23 year old Center with massive potential. The Wizards have come to the conclussion that they did not want to get that offer sheet.

They instead turned around and traded JaVale McGee for a player that was an UNRESTRICTED free agent back in December. In essence, they gave away a 23 year old, 3 years away from prime NBA age, CENTER. Denver basically signed Nene and traded him away. Denver basically received JaVale for negotiating the contract of an unrestricted free agent for the Wizards. Now we can all pray that all of Nene's physical problems suddenly get healed.


John Wall needs a Superstar to run with. That is the bottom line. This Summer's NBA Draft is going to be crucial. We need to hit on that pick. Whether it is #1 or #5 or #6 we need a STAR. We have enough nice players that can be supportive players. We also need shooters. Will we be able to sign a player such as Ryan Anderson or Eric Gordon to a max out contract and hope Orlando and New Orleans decline to match?

Do the Wizards need a new GM? I have been a big supporter of Ernie through the years. My conclussion, is that we need a new Captain. At some point it is time for everyone to move on. The time for Ernie Grunfield to move on is April 27, the day after our last game.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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