Lets Focus on John Wall Grunfeld

Fire Grunfeld. We got rid of 2/3 of the big 3, Bush is gone, Vinny is gone, Only you left Ernie.

Trade Nene somehow. We coud pay nene 60$ million to do what Kevin Seraphin does at 23 at the league minimum, or we could not have made that trade Grunfeld. Thanks man. Good job blowing up our cap, we needed that.

Amnesty Blatche. Thanks Grunfeld. Only you would have conceived of giving Dray 40$ million dollars.

Cut Crawford. Thanks Grunfeld. Only you would rebuild a team with John Wall on it around this clown.

Lets finally focus on John Wall. Let's remove Grunfeld's volume shooting Goons from the roster, instead lets focus on doing everything we can to max out the potential of our #1 pick.

Turn this team into the John Wall Show. Let him shoot, score, dunk, launch up shots, shoot free throws, shoot threes, shoot buzzer beaters, shoot with the clock running out, shoot our technical FTs, shoot in the 4th quarter, shoot when he's guarded, let the man shoot. Let Shelvin Mack bring the ball up, let John play the 2 at times. Let John play as a hybrid point guard - shooting guard. Tell John Wall to try to score 30 points a game. Then in one season he will be the only player in the league who can average 20 ppg, 10 apg, and 5 rpg. He has that potential, we were lucky to get him with the first pick, lets use him like the 1st pick, not have him dump the ball off to the joke of a nba player J.Crawford so he can watch the entire game.

Draft Thomas Robinson. If he's not there and you can not trade up by moving everything but John Wall. Draft Jared Sullinger. Perfect team. Star PG, Star PF. That's how you win championships. We don't need Harrison Barnes, we don't need a SG or SF, we need a PF. Bring in Thomas Robinson. We need someone who can control the post down low, we need someone who can box out the lane, we need someone who can night after night make sure we come out on top in rebounds. We need someone who can get the ball down low, in the playoffs, when every shot is contested, come up with a reliable 2 close to the basket.

Hire a Head Coach: Shaka Smart, Heach Coach of VCU. Instead of going after a number of mediocre veteran coaches, lets do someting new. Since this is a young team about to begin its third season in a rebuild, the year you make a push for the playoffs, and we want to build something special, lets not follow the same line of thinking any GM in the NBA could come up with, lets find our own guy, and have the league envy us, instead of glaring at OKC and trying to figure out why Nene and J.Crawford aren't creating the same magic as K.Durant and R.Westbrook.

Develop our Players. This should have been happening for the last 2 years. Unfortunately Ernie Grunfeld prefers to draft foreign players and then give them no minutes to develop, trade for mediocre veterans, and give horrific volume shooters (Blatche and Crawford) the green light so that not only is no one developing but the whole team is getting so pist off that everyone begins to hate eachother. This is trademark Grunfeld dysfunctional roster. We have to boo Blatche off the court because of incredibly selfish and effortless play, and Grunfeld hands us J.Crawford. What are you doing you idiot. We have John Wall, we have John Wall, we have John Wall. Stop destroying our talent, lets focus on John Wall.

Have C.Singleton Start - Have him shoot 3s and deep 2s every game, so that when John Wall needs to kick it out for someone to hit a deep ball, Singleton has a reliable skill, and he can use that skill in a half court setting, in the playoffs, when every shot is being contested. Just like D.Rose has with Deng and Korver, just Singleton can has the added value of playing great defense.

Let S.Mack Bring the ball up - Enough of leaving John Wall to do all the pedestrian PG duties, this team is 13-40, we don't need to have John Wall worry about spreading the ball around and keeping everyone happy right now. We need him to focus on developing his game as much as possible. Let Shelvin Mack dribble the ball up, pass to John, and let John shoot.

Free Agency: Sign Jevale McGee. Bring in a defensive Coach. Teach him how to box out, tell him to try to break the NBA record for shots blocked, and realize that 7 footers who can jump like Jevale can jump, have a valuable ability of being able to shut down shots in the lane. So that when we are in the playoffs, and someone tries to drive, they are going to have their shot altered, and are not going to be able to score, so we can win.

1. John Wall

2. John Wall

3. C.Singleton

4. Thomas Robinson / Jared Sullinger

5. Bring Back Someone Good otherwise known as J. McGee

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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