NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Targeting Trade Partners For Javale McGee

Mar 3, 2012; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee (34) shoots over Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Antawn Jamison (4) during the first half at the Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE

Last week, I offered a relatively arbitrary look at which teams might be interested in JaVale McGee's services at the trade deadline. But in gauging the trade market, we face a problem bigger than the man himself. JaVale isn't going to change a contender's prospects in the playoffs, doesn't have the defensive instincts convention demands of a traditional center and therefore doesn't fit into either of the two most common tropes driving a trade deadline dealing involving promising big men.

Of course, JaVale is showing an improved offensive game, can discourage shots like a Star Destroyer discourages hope and might just be relatively affordable provided you're on the inside looking out of his RFA. Which rider do you have making an early move in this season's NBA Center carousel? Suppose the likely suspects get cabin fever in the same instant and decide to make an offer to EG and Co. To the Unlikely Machine!

In the spirit of arbitrary continuity, we'll use the categories I assigned in last week's missive:

Medium to High

Warriors: Golden State is cool on Andray Blatche along with the rest of the league. Stating so publicly is about as interesting as opening a chess game by moving a pawn. That said, if they end up offering Ekpe Udoh, Klay Thompson and Andris Biedrins for JVM, Dray and CSing I would definitely pull the trigger. We can almost certainly get Udoh if we eat Biedrins' mill stone of a contract, the bigger question is who those third players on either side would be.

Low to Medium

Trail Blazers: Portland's got need in the middle, but hardly anything to offer. No chance they offer Nicolas Batum so it's likely a first round pick right around what we got from Atlanta. And seeing as how EG netted Jordan Crawford, Mo Evans and another expiring contract in return for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong, that just won't be enough. Portland could offer their first, Kurt Thomas and I-don't-know-Craig-Smith?, but there just isn't enough fuel to get anything done unless one side or the other caves.

Rockets: Well, the GM you probably can't help but check your wallet after talking to is going to have feelers out for any contenders interested in Luis Scola, doubtful he'll have time for the Wiz. To be honest, Daryl Morey kind of seems like a super EG. He pulls some beautiful deals but the team always seems to fall short of the identity the top title threats are built on. That said, if the Rockets looked to deal I'd be looking for Courtney Lee, Chandler Parsons and their 1st round pick for JaVale. Chances are with Daryl we'd get a pick-two scenario and HOU is only Courtney Lee's rental better than POR's offering.

Bucks: Andrew Bogut is perpetually injured but would Milwaukee be willing to part with some young talent to have a robust Robin, maybe form their own twin towers? I never know what their management is thinking, but chances are we've got another pick-two scenario. Tobias Harris, Jon Leuer and their first rounder are all healthy targets, that first rounder is a priority. Jon Leuer, Tobias Harris, first rounder and Jon Brockman? for JVM and Jordan Crawford all day long. It won't happen.

Bobcats: Well, hopefully you love Bismack Biyombo because I don't really see any other asset worth acquiring. That's right, Chicago owns Charlotte's pick (protected) as a result of the Tyrus Thomas trade (sad trombone). Biyombo and Boris Diaw for JVM and Dray?

The Celtics, Cavaliers, Bulls, Spurs, Magic, 76ers, Mavericks and Nets could all look to get in on the action, but chances are these teams are waiting for the offseason. The unofficial rosterbation thread continues. Do any of these catch your eye?

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