John Wall Missed Assist Tracker Update: Pistons' Loss Ends Mixed Bag Since Nene Trade

Mar 25, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (left) and power forward Trevor Booker (35) react against the Boston Celtics during the second half at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

I'm sure many of you are wondering whether the recent trade for Nene had any affect on the number of missed assist John Wall tends to accrue during a given game. The answer: too early to tell. I was searching for trends today and found that it's hard to really come up with any. There have been some games (Indiana) where Wall has many missed assist, and others (Boston) where he doesn't.

Make the jump for the full numbers from the three games before the trade and the five games after it.


Here's the game-by-game breakdown:

  • at New Orleans: 12 converted, 9 missed, 21 total, 57.1-percent success rate.
  • at Atlanta: 9 converted, 7 missed, 16 total, 56.25-percent success rate.
  • at Memphis: 6 converted, 10 missed, 16 total, 37.5-percent success rate.
  • at New Jersey: 8 converted, 8 missed, 16 total, 50-percent success rate.
  • Indiana: 9 converted, 12 missed, 21 total, 42.8-percent success rate.
  • Atlanta: 3 converted, 6 missed, 9 total, 33-percent success rate.
  • at Boston: 9 converted, 5 missed, 14 total, 64.3-percent success rate.
  • Detroit: 9 converted, 11 missed, 20 total, 45-percent success rate.
There's a lot of variety in there. In general, though, Wall's missed assist numbers tend to be dropping as his percentage converted is rising. Nene's presence has caused a slight drop in the number of opportunities Wall has to pick up assists, but it's not significant.

Here's how the misses break down by type in the last eight games:
  • Spot-up: 29, 3.625 per game (season average: 3.55)
  • P&R Roll Man: 10, 1.25 per game (season average: 1.22)
  • Transition: 12, 1.5 per game (season average: 2.43)
  • Other: 17, 2.125 per game (season average: 2.05)
The biggest thing that jumps out is the downgrade in transition. The Wizards are running far less, especially for three-pointers, so Wall's transition missed assists are way down.

Here it is by player:
On the season, Wall averaged a total of 7.9 assists per game and 9.4 missed assists per game. His conversion percentage is 45.7 percent. He averages 17.3 assist opportunities per game.
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