Free agents and draft strategy

I feel we need to look for three main things in the off-season: a wing scorer, knock down three point shooters, and another tough rebounding big man.

We can likely draft either the wing scorer or rebounder in the draft (Barnes/Lamb/Beal, Davis/Robinson/Sullinger) so I'd wait on the three point shooters in free agency--they seem to be more affordable than most specific skill players and it's not something you usually key your lottery pick on (though all the SG/SF options I mention have some good range).

Depending on who we end up with out of that group these are some free agent suggestions. And I'm not suggesting we sign all of them obviously but who I would make a priority. Would love to get feedback on these and other options:

OJ Mayo - Gordon may be considered the class of this free agency period but his size and injury history scare the hell out of me. Mayo may(o...sorry) not be a leader but he's actually almost as proficient a distance shooter as Gordon and has the requisite upside. Plus, the Grizz are in a difficult position WRT the salary cap and I think an offer of $9-10 million a year might scare off Heisley, who will be in luxury tax position with an inflexible roster for three more years. And I don't like many of the other *realistic* options at the position in free agency, so unless we plan on drafting one with our top pick I would make this my priority.

Omer Asik - Probably going to get a ridiculous deal from someone who needs a center and thinks he could function full time (Marcin Gortat comes to mind but he's been worth every penny). Either way, he's not going to get the same size deal as McGee/Hibbert/Lopez/Hawes/Kaman if I had to guess, so if you make a hard run at him and give him an offer above the MLE I think this puts the Bulls in a tough spot.

Ryan Anderson - Not likely to get him, which I recognize, but a rebounder who can stretch the floor for Wall? Yes please. It'd take a lot, but we have some room and should at least look into him. Along with Illyasova/Batum/Jeff Green/Jason Thompson I doubt these forwards are really in play for us.

Brandon Rush/Marco Belinelli/Rudy Fernandez - Some young shooters who I think we could get for MLE type money.

Ian Mahinmi/Marreese Speights/Alexis Ajinca/Daniel Orton/Kyrylo Fesenko/Reggie Evans/Aaron Gray/Robin Lopez - front line depth if we can't get someone like Asik.

Michael Redd/Jason Kapono/Steve Novak - Low cost knockdown three point shooters who could round out a roster with near minimum contracts.

That's my take. Who else are you hoping to make a run at? Apologies if there is a better thread elsewhere but couldn't find one since the Nene trade.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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