Does Nene affect Draft?

OK well, I think we are all still somewhat getting over a trade which none of saw coming.. at least not this one.

There are plenty of other posts that deal with the trade itself and although Bullet Nation in Exile touched upon it, I wanted to take a better look at how this trade might affect our 2012 Draft position.

Personally, I think having Nene will provide us a few more wins than with Javale + Nick.

Yes Javale is averaging 12ppg, 9rpg & Nick 17ppg; while Nene is averaging 13ppg & 3rpg... but Nene's presence will HOPEFULLY be a positive/professional influence and improve the play of others, which will help close the gap in scoring & rebounding. This is all assuming Nene can stay healthy.

The good news (well, kinda)... we are still Lottery bound. But how high of a lottery pick?

Lets see...

As of right now, the Wizards have 24 games left to play. Out of those 24 games, half are againt teams under .500

In order from worst to "a little less worst", here is the cellar of the NBA:

Charlotte 6 - 36

New Orleans 10 - 34

Washington 10 - 32

Toronto 14 - 29

Sacramento 14 - 29

New Jersey 15 - 29

Detroit 16 - 27

Cleveland 16 - 25

ASSUMING the Wizards win 9 more games.

Charlotte won't win 14 more games, so barring a miracle, they will be the worst team in the league.

New Orleans might be able to win 10 more games, but without a healthy Eric Gordon, most likely not.

Sacramento has enough talent & upside to win 6 more games.

New Jersey should be able to win at least 5 more with Gerald Wallace. The Blazers are lottery bound!

Both Detroit & Cleveland aren't great, but they are OK... OK enough to win 4 more games this year.

SO... that leaves the dreaded Toronto Raptors! They did it to us last year and they might do it to us again this year! Having dumped Leandro Barbosa, will the Raptors have enough to win 6 more games? Who knows!?

Basically, I think the Wizards will have pick #3 or #4... before the ping pong balls.

What do you guys think?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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