Kevin Pritchard & Nate McMillan

The Dude Ted: Shit! Walter Ernie, you fuck... you fucked it up! You fucked it up! Her life Our rebuild was in your hands, man!
Walter Shobchak Enrie: Nothing is fucked here, Dude Teddy. Come on, you're being very un-Dude un-Ted. They'll call back.

Ernie has made a bold move yesterday, trading Javale and Nick for Nene Hilario, Brian Cook and a future second rounder (or two?)

I still don’t know how I feel about this but at the end of the day Ernie got rid of two out three exponents of the ‘old’ culture and I am happy we are not going to pay Javale $10+ million and hope for the best, while Nick was gone anyway.

In no way does this get Ernie of the hook, however. He essentially created his own problems by not getting rid of them when he should have in the first place (2009 fire sale/during the 2010 draft/offseason or last season) and his biggest mistake, Andray Blatche and his massive contract, are still here. You can’t earn your next contract by (partially) getting us out of the mess you created yourself Ernie!

Goodbye, sir.

As for the current coaching staff, Whitman did as good a job as you can expect from anybody in his situation, imho. He got the offense working much better (although I am not so sure about the other half of the game), and he does a much better job of distributing minutes and playing the right people at the right time than Flip has ever done over the last 1.5 seasons. Our fan favorite of course is Sam Cassell. He seems to be a people’s manager to me and has great value as a mentor for John Wall.

However, I don’t want to see any of the current staff return next year. We really need a culture change as I touched on in my previous post and keeping the same faces and voices around doesn’t get the job done. A new era, new faces on bench, new traditions.

The Big Lebowski Ted: What in God's holy name are you blathering about?
The Dude Dutch Hoopfan: I'll tell you what I'm blathering about... I've got information man! New shit has come to light! Man.

Then who should we look for, you say? Mike D’antoni? John Callipari perhaps? And who should be our new GM? Well, Nate McMillan just got fired and his former boss, Kevin Pritchard, is a free agent this summer!

Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard is currently on a 1 year deal as the Director of Player Personnel of the Indiana Pacers. Prior to this gig he was a scout for the Spurs before joining the Portland Trailblazers as director of player personnel in 2004. He was promoted to assistant general manager in 2006 and to general manager in 2007. Just one hour before the 2010 NBA draft, Pritchard was fired (but he still handled the draft for them). He reportedly had fallen out of favor with owner Paul Allen, but actual basketball reasons have never been mentioned.

During his tenure in Portland Pritchard built a promising young team around Brandon Roy and rid the franchise of their terrible image and illuster nickname ‘Jail Blazers'. He drafted LaMarcus Aldridge and traded for Brandon Roy during the 2006 draft. He also acquired guard Rudy Fernandez from the Suns for cash during the 2007 draft and traded the rights of Joey Dorsey for wingman Nicolas Batum during the 2008 draft. He signed free agent guard Andre Miller in the summer of 2009 and picked up center Marcus Camby in a trade deadline deal for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake.

Eventhough #1 overall pick Greg Oden never really played for the Blazers due to a series of injuries, you can’t really blame Pritchard for taking him over Durant. There was some discussion at the time but conventional wisdom in the NBA is to go big over small and the general convention at the time was that Oden was the pick to make. If Roy and Oden didn’t suffer such unfortunate injuries, I think the Trail Blazers would have been a dominant young force that would have battled with OKC for domination in west for years and years to come.

Nate McMillan

McMillan became the head coach of the Trail Blazers in 2005 after being the head coach of the Seattle Supersonics for 5 years, winning the Northwest Division in his final year.

He also played his entire 12-year career for the Sonics after getting drafted by them in 1986 draft with the 60th pick. McMillan got fired yesterday because his Portland Trailblazers have fallen out of the playoff picture this season, after starting off the season extremely well.

McMillan has a total of 12 years of head coaching experience under his belt and has worked successfully with Pritchard at Portland. He clearly has experience working with a young core and although his style isn’t exactly D’antoni-like run-and-gun, his teams are known for their meticulous defensive preparation and turning defense into offense.

Walter Dutch Hoopfan: Am I wrong?
The Dude Ted: You're not wrong.
Walter Dutch Hoopfan: Am I wrong?!!
The Dude Ted: You're not wrong Walter Dutch Hoopfan. You're just an asshole.

I really feel we have a unique opportunity to land the best available GM and Head Coach out there and on top of that they have proven to be successful working with a young core, together! This is a match made in heaven imo, as they are what exactly what our favorite franchise needs and both (presumably) will want to redeem themselves for their respective bitter endings in Portland.


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