Washington Wizards at New Orleans Hornets: Regular Season Game 41 Open Thread

Mar 14, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Hornets point guard Jarrett Jack (2) gestures after making a shot against the Los Angeles Lakers in the second half of their game at the New Orleans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE
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2011/12 NBA Regular Season

10-33 9-32
March 13, 2012
New Orleans Arena
8:00 PM
Jarrett Jack
PG John Wall
Marco Belinelli
SG Jordan Crawford
Trevor Ariza
SF Chris Singleton
Gustavo Ayon
PF Trevor Booker
Chris Kaman
C Kevin Seraphin


SB Nation D.C.

Editor's Note: The Wizards traded JaVale McGee and Nick Young for Nene in a three-team deal today, in case you hadn't heard. Here's analysis of the trade. Sean has more below the jump.

So we will be seeing a lot of Kevin Seraphin tonight...

My quick thoughts on the trade for the moment (as Mike has covered many of them)

  • I wonder to what extent John Wall had input on this trade. If he gave it the green light, it would say a lot about where he thought the Wizards stood.
  • Does Nene make John Wall a better player? I think this is the question I am left with at the end of the day. If he does, than the trade is worth it as the Wizards have the assets to make some moves this summer. If not, we could have some egg on our faces.
  • Another cruel thing to face, despite the constant allusions to the 'OKC model" this team wasn't getting better either in the W-L column or in terms of play. By year two of the OKC rebuild, you were at least seeing signs of life. This year, the only vibe I got off the Wizards was a flatline.
  • During my time covering the team, it has never appeared to be a super happy locker room. Of course, my time has included Gilbert getting shipped out of town, endless Andray Blatche related shenanigans, and more jabs thrown at JaVale McGee by the coaching staff then I can count. I think I'll collect them all and post them for you tomorrow.
  • Who do you bring in now that you arguably have "three" pieces to the puzzle. My vote would be that besides our draft pick (who we can't miss on), you find role playing shooters who can move without hte ball.
  • Love it or hate it, tonight we are a lot less "fun." Think what you will of Nick Young and JaVale McGee, but they were always at their very least entertaining. I will always remember the interview with Nick where he backed his car into the news van. Classic Wizards.

It was a fun ride JaVale and Nick. I, for one, am glad I have League Pass.


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