Knicks Vs. Wizards Postgame Quotes: Randy Wittman's Son Rubs Salt In The Wound

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 08: Head coach Randy Wittman of the Washington Wizards talks with players John Wall #2 and Nick Young #1 during the second half against the New York Knicks at Verizon Center on February 8, 2012 in Washington, DC. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON -- Here are your postgame quotes following the Wizards' 107-93 loss to Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks:


On where the game was lost: "This game was really about containment. We couldn't contain the basketball, basically, I thought, all night long, whether it was in pick and rolls or with balls kicked out where they were blowing by us to the basket."

On the many fouls the Wizards committed in the third quarter: "You got to know when you're in the bonus or not in the bonus, when you can take a chance on going for an offensive rebound over the back of somebody and when you can't. We played that third quarter when they got into the bonus like we had no clue they got in the bonus. It was a parade to the free-throw line, and that really hurt us."

On the Knicks not having Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire: "Right now, after this game, I wish they would have played."

On containing the pick and roll: "When we did cover it, then we'd get beat right off the dribble after we got back to our men. That caused us to help, and [Tyson] Chandler had a lot of putbacks at the rim. So it's a combination of both, of controlling the high pick and roll the way we needed to."

On a text his son Ryan (profiled here) sent him: "He told me [Cornell] did a much better job than we did guarding him tonight. I already had that text message."

Maurice Evans

On lessons the Wizards can take from Lin's play: "That's encouraging for us. I was talking to John about this. If we can take a page out of their playbook and use the same play, John is probably the fastest PG in this league with the ball, and he has the ability to attack the rim the same as Jeremy Lin. People will go under pick and rolls the same as they do with Jeremy Lin, and we can space the floor because we have shooters just like they do. There's some lessons to be had."

On where the Wizards' pick and roll defense broke down: "Everybody has to play with more energy, on the ball, bigs stepping up and wing players bringing more energy in chucking the big man as he comes down the lane. But again, [Lin] is coming off with so much thrust and momentum that if you got a decision to make, it's either Tyson Chandler for a dunk or Steve Novak for a three-pointer. You got to pick your poision."

John Wall

On Lin's play: "He just did a great job running pick and roll. They had three shooters around him, and he just ran pick and roll with him and Tyson Chandler. If you help off a shooter, he found him. If not, he got a layup or found Chandler at the rim."

On where the pick and roll defense broke down: "It's tough when you're guarding pick and roll and the send it out so high. You got someone that's really quick, you got somebody that set screens like Tyson Chandler and can roll, and you got people that can make shots around him."

Trevor Booker

On the pick and roll defense: "They came out more aggressive than us. That pick and roll killed us. We couldn't find a way to stop the guy that was rolling. If we did, they'd kick it out to the shooters and they'd knock it down."

On why the game spiraled out of contral: "I think we hung our heads a little. That's something we have to get over as a team. They're going to make runs. We're going to make runs. But when the other team makes runs, we just have to hold our head high and keep fighting back."

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