This Is Where I Stand

is this really a successful rebuild so far?

is this where we wanted to be 2 years ago when we traded caron, twan, and gil?

is this exactly what eg had planned?

we got lucky when we got the first pick in the 2010 draft and i still believe we struck gold with that pick. john came in and took us all into the rebuild (the second gil was traded). he started the year off slow on offense and defense, he was still missing those same lay ups, he had no jumper, and still couldn't control his speed. Naturally everyone panicked because of such high hopes for him, some even started calling him a bust. RELAX he will be fine.

The way i see this rebuild is that we may have 2, maybe 3, players that we can actually start next year. Wall, mcgee (if hes here) and maybe booker, who i think deserves it but others may not think so.

so 2 maybe 3 starters, 3 years into the rebuild... thats not good, it is extremely important that we find a player who can come in and start right off the back. Im sick of all these athletic, players who may or may not be ok.

now for the point of why i created this post. In my Opinion i really like randy wittman, and i hope he returns to coach next year, we have a star in john wall, i think we WILL find our secondary star this draft whether its davis, barnes, lamb or whoever and we sign mcgee but nick will walk.

we have to, HAVE TO, get a free agent to put on the court next year or we will be bad for atleast another 2 years. And if it is up to me i would like to have Ray Allen (starter), Ian Mahinmi (off the bench), and landry Field (bench or maybe starter)

I would like to go into next year with a starting line up of:


Ray Allen

Landry Field

Anthony Davis

Javalle McGee

off the bench:

Booker T


Crawford (i think we should keep him a little longer)

Mack Attack

Ian M



I think that this is a line up built for a nice rebuild and we can seriously start to win games and add players along the year. this is again just my opinion but i think it could work

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