Rebuilding the Washington Wizards

I've been reading the boards here and going to some of the games (including the toronto game on 2-6-12) and I have thought about how the Wiz could move this team forward. Some say the process has been to slow so here's a more aggressive path

First Steps

1) Javale Mcgee: Javale McGee for Klay Thompson and 2012 first round pick

I have been as loyal a supporter as anyone here but I watched him refuse to box out last night so in this rebuild he gets moved. Golden state sent DeAndre Jordan an offer sheet so lets assume they are willing to trade for McGee. I doubt they would do that deal but it would give us a young 6'7 guard/forward who can shoot (45% 3pt) and replace Nick.

2) Andray Blatche: Amnesty Blatche

I saw the rumor trading for Tyrus Thomas. Its a BAD idea. Thomas has regressed big time, never was a good rebounder and would take minutes from young players we should be developing. Also he has 3 years and 26 million left on his contract after this year, and we wouldn't be able to amnesty him.

3) Rashard Lewis: Buyout Rashard

Sweet lou can't shoot unless its in Orlando against his old team. He has some solid games then he has games when he won't run back on d, close out shooters on there shots or he will just destroy a perfectly good fast break. Ditching his contract along with Blatche will free up about 30 million.

The Interesting Part

Guys we have to control our expectations. I've too many people that have said sign a "max" player, its not that easy. Neither Dwight Chris or Deron is coming to play for this team so lets be realistic. Also I Strongly doubt Hibbert is leaving Indiana but feel free to disagree.

4) Sign OJ Mayo.

He has been on the trade block for about 2 years and its clear that he wants to be starter. He is a solid outside shooter although his shot selection can remind you of Jordan Crawford at times. Point is he is a restricted free agent that can help us and I doubt Memphis will match an offer sheet.

5) Draft Andre Drummond: aka Amare Stoudemire 2.0 if you believe Espn. If you move McGee you need to replace him with an elite talent at the center position moving forward. He needs time but kid is big athletic and has a pretty good jumper.

6) Sign Michael Beasley:

I'm not will ing to be this aggressive but I wonder if Ernie would ever consider this?

There are a few other names out there like Ryan Anderson but I'm not as high on him because he is a soft defender and gets to float around the perimeter because superman handles the rebounding. Also Jeff Green has been mentioned but he isn't an timpact player in my eyes and would just suck minutes from Sing, and Book.

Let me know what you think in the comments...........

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