Who Stays and Who Goes by March 15th and beyond?

After watching the last two games of that West Coast swing, there are clearly a lot of decisions that need to be made about this team going forward. I mean could we really see this team remaining stagnant during this trade deadline? I'm sure there are a lot of options out there and with this team having a couple of expiring or near expiring contracts, wouldn't it make more sense to take the chance in trading to get players as opposed to gambling during free agency? I have a few ideas of some players that should be considered to move, but the question is, who would be interested and what could we get in return?

Nick Young

Yes, I believe it is time to severe ties with Nick. He clearly is looking for a big pay day and about at $9 million, it doesn't seem like he is worth it. So far this season he hasn't been as effective as he was next year. This team may have to live with the fact, that last year's performance maybe the ceiling for Nick. Is that worth it? Not for a rebuilding team, so with that said, I think they should consider trading him to a contender. The reason for this is because he may actually be enticed to give up his Bird Rights for a chance to play with a contender, but if you try to trade to another scrub team, it won't happen. GO

Rashard Lewis

He has looked like shell of his former self. His legs look shot and he does nothing for this team. With only part of his contract guaranteed next year, he would be an attractive piece for a team looking to shed salary. Can you imagine a team that has close $22 mil in salary that they would like to dump? Who would that team be? Is it possible to get a good deal out this and not just some over the hill aging players. I have no problem with getting some quality veterans as long as they still have some fight left in them. I think adding some older players could seriously help John Wall's development and sharpen this team's IQ. GO

Andray Blatche

I think the general consensus on this site is that this guy doesn't have a chance to ever live up to his potential. So what can you do with him? Do we really think he is going attract a decent trade offer, beside Tyrus Thomas? Let's be realistic, there isn't much of a market for him. The best decision to do would be to keep him, let him come off the bench behind Booker for the rest of the season and then amnesty his contract. Let's put like this, who else would you amnesty? At least with Lewis, his contract is what will attract buyers, but Blatche, what would possess someone to get this guy? And even after that is done, who else would be left to amnesty? Might as well use it. STAY, for now.

JaVale McGee

I know there are some advocating trading him, but I'm not quite ready to give up on him. He has definitely played better recently. I think you have to keep him and give him a reasonable extension during the off season (no more than $14 mil/year). The reason why is because you do not want him to have a great year next year and for his value to sky rocket. Big men with his ability don't come often. Someone will be more willing to break the bank if he's unrestricted than restricted. This summer is the chance for the Wizards to get him at a lower price and possibly reap the benefits of having a developing young big to build around along with Wall. STAY.

Maurice Evans

Why did we get this guy again? It seem as though he has always been pretty close to Flip (played with him on 3 different teams), but since Flip is now gone, does he have much of a reason to stay? There are a few contending teams that I'm sure are looking for a veteran swingman that can play D and occasionally score. Trade him and get a second rounder, you never know, perhaps we can package that second rounder along with the New York one to get a second first rounder. Doesn't hurt to try. GO.

Roger Mason Jr.

Ditto here. This guy doesn't serve much of a purpose. I think it would be of the best interest of the team to release him, unless you can find a team desperate enough to trade for him. His roster spot could be used to either take on an extra man from another trade (perhaps multiple players in a Rashard Lewis trade) or perhaps test drive a few D-leaguers. GO.

Is there anyone else that you all see as possible movers? If this team is going to make some trades, what should we realistically look for in return, picks or players?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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