Playing Apologist to my Buddy in Orlando

A buddy of mine is a Bullets fan stranded in Disneyland. He went to the game last night, and was making many of the observations we have. The funny part was how hard I tried to explain to him that Wall is good even though he was seeing some terrible stuff live in person. He is a knowledgeable sports fan and experienced at the game of basketball, so enjoy our text conversation....(I left the typos for effect)

Buddy: Wish Len Elmore was doing color on this MD game instead of Bobby Knight. A buddy of mine threw me some tix to tonight's Bullets game ... I'll gonna heckle Blantche if I can get close enough.

Me: Haha nice. Tell him to eat more donuts.

Buddy: They just don't play together...a very greedy and young team, where is the coaching? Playground rules is what I'm seeing.

Me: You nailed it. They don't hear coaching.

Buddy: Need to hire a coach for $ a coach to stick his neck out and coach em up...this is how JV Magruder played circa 1991.

Me: haha

Buddy: Wall is being wasted...I'm beginning to think he is a street baller, not a pro.

Me: You don't think three guys who coached the Twolves are good?? Wall will be fine.

Buddy: This is the essence of why I hated (name omitted) so much...greedy. I have doubts w/Wall. 4 horseman on dat.

Me: Where are you sitting?

Buddy: Sec 102 behind Magic. Nice tix. Who the fuck coaches this crew?'s atrocious.

Me: They are immune to coaching. Wall 1-10???

Buddy: I don't like him. Put this on my record.

Me: Dude he's having a bad game.

Buddy: The shot selection is turrible.

Me: He is a terrible shooter. But fast and long. Can throw it down and play d when he puts his mind to it.

Buddy: 5 guys aint fast's a basketball team...I see no team, just fat

Me: Did u know they are like 2-12? Flip insisted on coaching them like a veteran team. They need to learn how to run sets and set screens. They need bobby knight to throw a chair at them. Nick Young is a douche.

Buddy: 3 on the lines tonight

Me: Weak as hell

Buddy: See ya in a few weeks bro...

Me: Can't believe we are in this. You should be telling me how much the Magic sucks.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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