Best 2012 Draft lottery options?

When I look at our roster the only positions that are in lock are John Wall/ Mack. It kind of reminds me of Russell Westbrook/Maynor. You have a star guard who can play reckless at times. Then you have the young college vet back up guard who comes in,controls the pace a little better, and gives you some solid production in limited minutes. The rest of our roster is nothing but holes. This is the first year I've been trying to follow/keep up with all of the college stars, so these are some my favorites i think we should pick up. I can't keep up with some of the more unknowns college players,feel free to throw some names at me that would be good fits for us.

Shooting Guards:

Jeremy Lamb; Good improvement over Nick Young. Maybe a little more athletic, good on defense, keeps composure on the court. Rebounds a little better than Nick. Already has NBA 3-point range. Doesn't seem like a vocal player on the court.

Small Fowards:

Harrison Barnes; We drafted singleton for his defense and we're getting little from him on offense. Barnes is a great scorer, doesn't turn the ball over that much, solid rebounder, great to pair up for Wall. Settles for jumpers a lot instead of attacking. More comfortable with driving with his right than left.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist; if we fell to 5 or 6 I'd go with Kidd-Gilchrist. Seems like brings his team together. Great hustle. Willing to get better. Lacks range on his jumper but is a decent shooter from mid-range. I read nothing but good thing about MKG and his work ethic. Safe pick.

Power Fowards:

Anthony Davis; After watching more and more UK games I've gotten pretty much sold on Davis as the #1 pick. People are complaining that he is a twig but he will get strong as time goes on. He just knows where he should on defense. Whether it be when to switch on pick & rolls. He knows when to go for a block and can do it with out fouling( JAVALE). Almost all of his points come from lobs,put back, and getting to the free throw line. He's athletic enough to go and get all the lobs he'll be catching from John but has little to no post game right now.

Thomas Robinson; Sad story. He was raised in DC . Granddad, Grandmother, and Mother all died within months of each other.Has a little sister here that he doesn't see that much. He's a good in the post which is what we are lacking, but depending on how Booker develops the rest of this year this pick wouldn't make much sense. Books almost the same height and improving in the post and on his mid jumper. But Robinson has a lot of potential and playing for his hometown team and around family would be nothing but beneficial.


Andre Drummond; Freak athlete but still learning.Wasn't impressed in the few UConn games i watched. Seems like a guy that needs to stay another year and come out with 2 years experience. He has said he was sure he was going stay another year but he could easily change his mind by the end of the season. I honestly could pass on him because he's more of a project.

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