Where's the Accountability?

The Wizards are currently 3-23.

They have the league's 22nd highest payroll and have the 10th highest payroll already committed for next season.

With an average age of 24.9, the Wizards are the NBA's 7th youngest team in the league this season.

They have accumulated a 91-247 record over the last over the last five seasons, for a winning percentage of .368

These are the facts, nothing opinion based, just pure statistical measurements.

Ernie Grunfeld has been running this franchise for 10 years, underneath him in the front office has been Tommy Sheppard, and Milt Newton for the entire duration, while Ed Tapscott has been employed by the franchise for the past six seasons.

What is it going to take for somebody to step up and say "We messed up, we made mistakes, and we're working harder than ever to try and become a winning franchise. At this point we're working harder than every other team in the league and each and every player, coach, and staff member is being held accountable for the current lack of success and constant losing that has plagued this organization for far to long. Anybody that's not 100% committed to winning is not welcomed inside of these doors any longer. Contract sizes, draft spots, or previous achievements mean nothing inside this building. Winning is all that matters and we won't quit until we begin to take the steps into becoming first a respectable organization, a great place to play, with a fantastic home arena, and ultimately a team that will make a sustained and legitimate run at winning the NBA Championship."

Where is the accountability from somebody...anybody in a front office or ownership role for what has taken place this season?

At least Bryan Colangenlo had the decency to step up to the media and fans with what he said a couple of weeks ago.

This franchise is a mess right now! They're losing, they're complaining to the media, and they're the laughing stock of professional sports.

When does somebody say "enough is enough" and step out from the "Wizards Protection Program"?

Coaches hold player's accountable for their actions on the court, when can we expect ownership or management to set the bar within the franchise and hold themselves accountable for their short comings?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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