A Call to Wizards Fans

Tuesday night I was watching the Wizards' game against the Hawks (which amazingly turned out to be a good game) and all of a sudden I heard Buck's voice: "Tonight attendance is right around 15,000.". Verizon Center sits 20,282 people. That means that on a Tuesday night, against the Hawks -- a team with barely any inter-regional reach -- Verizon Center was at 75% capacity. That can't happen, not on a season like this.

The Wizards are 3-21. They are in bottom five in the league in practically every major offensive statistic. They are last in the league.This after a summer when Ted Leonsis himself promised a Playoffs appearance, then said a bottom three finish would be "unacceptable". This after three seasons consistently amongst the worst teams in the league. This barely two years out of Gun Gate.

And then we wonder why Ted Leonsis doesn't listen to our "negative pixels", our endless cries for change, our outrage as a fan base. He's a businessman, and his product sells. Why should anything change?

I hate to be that guy that calls for a boycott, but this is too much. If Leonsis will not give us what we want (respectability, wins, and Grunfeld's head on a pole amongst others) we're going to have to take it. This is more than about "Ted's team". This is more than a simple outburst after a bad loss.

This is about Washington's team. This is about accountability. This is about our responsibility as Wizards fans to not accept mediocrity, to demand excellence. For years this franchise has disrespected us, taken us for granted. The time has come for us to take part in this team's future, to take action. For the good of the franchise, we have to remove ourselves from this team's economical equation.

I understand this is hard, and impossible to do unless we completely stop following this team (which is not going to happen) but we have to make our voice heard. One way to do that, is by not going to games anymore. As it stands, Washington is 21st in the league in attendance. To me that is way too high. If the Wizards are going to be historically bad, attendance should mirror that image. Keep in mind that the very team that just beat us by 32 points is 30th in the league!

I think the organisation has made it pretty clear it is content where it is. Ted's insufferable comments about those "close losses" along with every reminder Ernie's uttered about the injuries to "key players" go to show they think they have done a good job, and are just out of luck. Please.

I guess the real question is this: Are we going to take it? Are we going to accept that these fools keep clowning about with our emotions? Are we going to endorse this attitude?

I, for one, wil not.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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