Reset the Rebuild

Wall's knee issues are so serious that even if he might be able to return this season it's probably not worth taking the risk from a health perspective to get him out there this yr. From a team perspective it isn't all that important either because at 3-17 the team isn't going anywhere, with or without Wall and it would take a significant amount of games to get John up to speed again anyway. Determine whether surgery is needed to fix the cartilage problem once and for all and just get it over with. Let's just face it, this season is lost.

Sure, the team shouldn't be in this situation right now, three yrs into the rebuild, but it is. Let's just accept it and work from there (looking at you Ted)

Imho, to reset the rebuild the team has to do three things:

1: This is the time to be playing the youngsters as much as possible for development sake. Start Crawford, Beal, Singleton, Vesely and Seraphin and have Booker (when healthy again), Martin, Webster, Livingston and Baron back them up. The coach is a sitting duck anyway so just give him the orders.

2: Trade Ariza and Okafor and if possible Nene. I love the big guy and he is a hell of a player, but he's old and declining. Sit him now to rest and fully heal up while trying to find a trade partner. Those trades should be for expiring contracts and picks only. If you can't find anything before the trade deadline, be patient and try to find something on draft day or in the off season. Whatever the case, just no cap compromising any more!

3: Cleansweep the from office. Fire Ernie, the player development department, the medical staff, the scouting department, the player personell, everybody. Then hire the best basketball mind out there and let him build a new template and fill it in with the right people for the job. Keep investing in advanced statistics and emphasis should be on creating a good structure and process to strife for excellence, not on being penny wise, pound foolish.

If they do all this the team will have a good handle on what they've got in their youngsters, a top 5 draft pick, some lower picks and capflexibility for lopsided (sign-and) trades or what have you. This is a pretty descent situation to start anew from imho. Ted isn't eating too much money if the trades are done right and there is a new regime to make the most out of it this time.

No youngster should be untouchable including Wall and I would like to see the team focus on two or three youngsters mainly going forward, instead of taking the quantity over quality route again. Fill the rest of the roster out with capable vets on relatively short contracts (1 or 2 yrs) a la Hinrich at the time. Overpay for them to get serviceable ones and to meet the the salary floor, but do with short contracts to maintain cap flexibility.

If Ted does this and does it wholeheartedly, I could get behind the team again with fresh optimism and good spirit. Something that is not possible right now with a team this bad and a on a fast track to perpetual sadness.

Start over fresh Ted!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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