Nene post game presser

While we can all agree last night's game against the Hawks was a horrible way to start Thanksgiving break, one thing that made it worse for me was listening to Nene speak about his injury after the game. When asked about his injury, he expalined that he has been out for 3 months and a half, and only practiced once before coming back. First of all, I thought 3 and a half months was a long time to be sitting with plantar fasciitis, probably sufficent enough time, wouldn't you say? Either way, the more disturbing part was what he said when asked why did he come back so early?

He said,
"Sometimes you have to sacrifice something to win, or to invest in your future...I promised this team as soon as I was able to get better I'd play.I'm going to help my team. That does not mean I'm cured, no injury. My injury is still there but I have heart and like, pride.I trust this team. That's the reason I played."
Woah there.

So his injury is not fully healed, but he rushed back just to help his 0-9 team against the Atlanta Hawks. This screams panic mode to me. This franchise has had a history of rushing players back because of suckitude. I remember Gilbert being rushed back 2 or 3 times because our management was impatient and medical staff seems to not have any say in the matter. Does this happen to other franchises, or just ours? Does Nene call the shots on when he comes back, because it surely isn't the medical staff. I suspect it's Ernie pressuring because he realizes if hs team doesn't start getting wins he might get the axe.

The sad thing about this is now there is no chance Nene will be full healthy at any point during the season. There's a huge chance tha his foot flares up even more due to wear and tear and he'l be in and out of the lineup all season.


The bigger issue with this though is how will John Wall be brought back? Will he be rushed back as well? Maybe because he is our franchise player, management will not rush him back. After all his stress injury could lead to more severe injuries down the road, if he doesn't rest it for the appropriate amount of time. This is a little bit different than a lingering plantar fasciitis issue.

Still, after hearing Nene talk like this about his injury, all of my hope for this inept franchise has been crushed. I don't know if I have any more faith that they know what they're doing. I feel like we so often make desperation moves in order to improve our suckitude, and these moves always come back to make us suck for even longer. From Gilbert's injuries, to trading away our 5th pick for Foye/Miller, to getting OakAriza, to managing Nene's injury, to probably rushing back Jimmy wall in the future. Yes, I blame Ernie. The short-sighted GM with no common sense. I am positive he's played a role in Nene rushing back in order to save his hide.

Rant over.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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