Story of the Season for the Wiz

Tonight was plain and simply the story of the Wizards season.

For those of you who didn't watch the game, I'll explain to you the storylines of the game and what happened in the end.

First of all, our starting lineup was as follows: 1-Livingston 2-Crawford 3-Beal 4-Vesely 5-Seraphin

-Beal fouled out with 6 pts
-Seraphin was easily the Wiz player of the night with 21 pts 10 rebs
-We saw Nene play tonight, and when he was in, you could really tell his presence and difference (he finished with 12 pts)

Now, as far as how the game turned out:

In the fourth quarter, we had a 2 point lead, and the Hawks forced a little bit of contact, enough to draw the foul and bring them to the free throw line, tying it and bringing it to overtime. Tough, right? Well it get's worse.

In OT, the game was tied at 98, and I was sitting there thinking to myself, "Just bring the clock all the way down, and try to get a good opportunity to score." Well, with 7 seconds left, Seraphin was open, and hit the jumper. This just left too much time for the Hawks. With about 1-2 seconds left, Korver hit the open pull up three pointer for the Hawks to take the 101-100 lead. Now, the Wizards would take it from the front court, and they pass it in to Seraphin, who misses the jump hook to win the game. However, Martell Webster tipped it in as time expired. There was confusion on the court as one referee called it as good and another as no good. The Wizards began to celebrate. Upon review, what was clear was that the tip by Webster was just barely a split second later than the light came on.

Tough loss for the Wizards, as they fall to 0-10.

Now, I want to say that this is just the story of the Wizards season. All but one, the one against Charlotte, of our games this season have been VERY close games. I DO NOT think that we're a really bad team, as our record suggests. We just can't get over the HUMP of winning a game. Call me delusional if you want to, because I know that losing doesn't entail being a good team, and that GOOD teams find ways to win. But we're not HORRIBLE. We have the tools to win games, and I think that once we get over that hump, we can really take off, ESPECIALLY when we get John Wall back.

I've been watching Sportscenter for the past few minutes, and they went over the Wizards game. Anyways, this NBA guy goes on there (forgive me if I can't remember his name) and just speaks on how bad he feels for us. For this, I'm grateful. However, I don't think that anyone who doesn't actually WATCH all of the games fully understands the heartbreak. They were like, "Oh, yeah, they finally had a chance of winning tonight, but they suffered heartbreak." That in itself shows me that they don't quite understand. They think that we've just been sucking it up the whole season, but we really haven't. We wouldn't be such an embarrassment if people understood this. But, hey, we still have 72 games left, and we have John Wall returning to us soon. With such a bad start, we really don't have any playoffs to think about, but we can hopefully take our team away from the realm of embarrassment.

No matter how good or bad we are, I'll always say: LET'S GO WIZARDS!

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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