Black Magic in D.C.?


There must be some dark magic going around the Washington area, because the Wizards continue to struggle. The team fell to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night, 101 to 107. The 7th straight loss for the team, which makes them the only team in the NBA without a win.

But why are the Wizards struggling?

1. Bradley Beal
You know you have a problem when your team’s leading scorer is a 19 year old rookie who is averaging 11.6 points per game while shooting 32 percent from the field.
Don’t get me wrong, Beal is a good player with a lot of potential, but with John Wall and Nene gone he’s gonna have to do more. The inconsistency he has brought to the Wizard’s offense is nothing too surprising for a 19 year old rookie, but something that definitely has to be changed if the Wizards want to get some victories.

2. We Need Wall!


Wizards fans shouldn’t be surprised if they see John Wall making the Mckayla Maroney face from the sidelines. The team is losing, and as much as I like AJ Price, he cannot run the team the way that Wall can. His production consistency is below average, and his shot-making ability at the NBA level is also sub par. Averaging 10 points and 7 assists, Price would be a great backup for Wall, but he cannot score at the same rate as Wall. Something that is especially important seeing that the Wizards are currently 27th in the league in scoring.
While Wall might not be the best point guard in the NBA, it is obvious that the team is missing their franchise player. He led them in scoring and assists last season, and stimulated the fast break offense in Washington.

So what’s the point?
If the Wizards team was a classroom, the average grade in the class would be an "F", and John Wall is the student who is going on an academic scholarship to Stanford. The only one who can raise the team’s overall GPA.

3. Turnovers
What fan doesn’t hate to see turnovers. I am sure that Wizard’s fan base is getting sick of it. The Wizard’s offense is already slacking, it does not help when the team is third in the league in turnovers, averaging 15.9 per game. And while no one player is averaging over 2.4 turnovers per game, it says a lot about the team as a whole when they are still third in the league in this category.
The Wizards have combined for 41 turnovers in their last two games, and have racked up a total of 289 in only 7 games.

Randy Wittman needs to have a chat with his team about putting a focus on taking care of the ball if they want to win, and not end up in the same position as last year’s Bobcats.

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