Jordan Crawford and Improvement

I wanted to take a minute out of all of your wonderful days to highlight a bright spot in these first few weeks of darkness. And I mean, a darkness we haven't seen since the inside of Gilbert Arenas's grotto after he stopped paying the electric bill. It sucks when you finally get your hopes up a little about this team and then... 0-7. But hey, most of the negatives of this team were forseeable, at the very least. I wasn't surprised that Ariza and Okafor aren't any better now that they are on the Wizards than they ever were anywhere else. I wasn't overly disappointed that Bradley Beal isn't an early front runner for the scoring title either. After all, our two best players are sitting it out every single night, without any solid timetable for return. So the injury situation does leave us with that "what if" feeling that we are ohh so familiar with as Wiz fans. But it also takes away some of the surprise from our sukcage.

On the the other hand, there have been some bright spots too. Martel Webster has been better than advertised. Chris Singleton looks better offensively. Brad Beal has potential, make no mistake. And Jkhan highlighted what Kevin Seraphin is looking like a real baller. But I wanna talk about my man JCraw. We Wiz fans have gotten used to complaining about players not improving their obvious weaknesses... Gilbert won't play D. Blatche just needs to get on a treadmill, try to stop eating, and just try. McGee, c'mon man, just think. John Wall needs to just practice until he can shoot! Jordan Crawford needs to shoot less, and make more, simple as that. Guys that can't make simple and obvious improvements are a staple of this team. And I know, yal are thinking what's this dumby's point, so now I'm getting to it. Jordan Crawford is an improved basketball player. All of the "he won't pass the ball," and, "he can't make jumpers," stuff which has been true in the past, is finally changing. Long story short, the man is improving his biggest weaknesses. In a year that he has every excuse to keep on chucking, Crawford is refining his game. His entire game.

On to the stats; first and foremost his shooting numbers (last year's numbers--> this year's numbers)(I'm using per 36 numbers by the way):


FGA: 17.9-->15.4

3PA: 5.6-->6.6

FG%: .400-->.431

3P%: .289 --> .357 (!!!)


TS%: .488--> .538

eFG%:.446--> .508

So... darn, those are some pretty substantial leaps. JMoneyCrawford is taking 2.5 shots less every 36 minutes on the court. That says the guy is trying something different. And while he's taking less shots while he'e out there, he's taking one more three pointer per36 than last season. At this point, we all recognize that the 3 point shot is more efficient than those long 2's Crawford has lived by in the past, right? Even more, he's making three pointers at a higher percentage! And those advanced efficiency numbers are up despite a 10 point drop in his FT shooting (make yo dang FT's boy). In conclusion here, Jordan Crawford is becoming a more efficient shooter. Maybe the Mayans were right about the world ending.

But his shooting isn't the only thing that has been impressive either. His all around game is getting pretty good, like the anti-Nick Young good:


ORB per36: 0.9-->1.7

DRB: 2.5--> 4.7

TRB: 3.5--> 6.4 (DWade career average 4.9, 6' 8" Joe Johnson 4.1, Rondo 4.9, JKidd 6.3. THE Jordan 5.9 )

Ast: 3.9-->5.7


DRB%: 8.1--> 15.5

TRB%: 5.4--> 10.1

AST%: 19.3--> 30.3 (Wade career average 32.7, Johnson 21, Tmac 26, THE Jordan 24.9)

PER: 14.5--> 16.7

Now... I'm not trying to tell you we've been sleeping on the next Micheal Jordan for two years. But what I am saying is that Jordan Crawford is making strides in his game. He's rebounding at a great rate. When he's on the floor, almost a third of the team's made FG's is coming off a Crawford assist. And most importantly, he's taking smarter shots. He's passing up bad ones, and if you watch him in game, he's clearly conscious of this. And most, most importantly, he is becoming a three point shooter by taking the shots he can make, and I assume because he works on that long range jumper.

So as miserable as we have been watching this mess of a team, Jordan Crawford is what is making this thing click. I think a big part of this is that he's coming of the bench behind Beal right now, and that Wittman is primarily playing him as a SG. But I hope as the season progresses, we can find a way to put Beal and Crawford on the court together, as they are our two best guards at this point. May Crawford continue to put the chuckster nickname to rest. And be one of the guys that tries to keep we fans out of the depressions that we've been researching the symptoms to on line. All my stats are via by the way.


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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