I have given up on the Wizards

I just laughed this morning when I woke up (European time) as I checked the score of last nights game, almost chocking on my coffee... I don't even know why really. I guess it was just out of 'sorry-ness'.

You see, I have voiced my displeasure with what the management of this franchise has done ever since the ownership change. I've criticized retaining Grunfeld and Saunders. I've criticized not keeping Gilbert away and truly start over fresh. I've criticized not getting enough capable vets besides Kirk Hinrich to surround Wall with from the beginning. I've criticized Ernie going for quantity over quality as he loaded up the roster with youngsters he rolled the dice on rather than making sure he got 2 or 3 top tier prospects to concentrate on. I have criticized the franchise for not putting enough emphasis on player development in terms of player personell, personal chef's, personal trainers and bigman/shooting coaches or specialized off season-training camps. I have hammered Ernie on picking Vesely before he even took him, I have questioned Ernie for extending Blatche way too early and not acting quick enough when Andray failed to live up to his contract and contaminated the locker-room. I have criticized the re-signing of Ernie and Wittman. I have criticized the Okariza trade for basketball reasons as well as cap reasons. It bothered me that management just didn't get Wall the players he needs to reach his full potential (meaning a combination of catch-and-shoot players, cutters and pick&roll/pop players). All the above basically comes down to the team not capitalizing on the incredible luck they received when they landed the #1 pick and fall ass backwards into a generational talent in John Wall (and I still think he can be).

I often found myself agreeing with, or being backed up by, guys like DCrez, Rook, DavidDunn (and others) but other people have criticized me for being overly pessimistic and negative. And you know what? I often times was pre-determinedly sour on things, I'll admit that. It wasn't for the sake of being negative though. No, I was truly and sincerely concerned and didn't have much confidence in this team's management.

It has never been about being right or wrong either. It was about my concern that the rebuild would be hampered or would fail all together. Now it has become an utter and complete mess and no one is enjoying this, including myself.

I'm sorry if I ever bothered someone with my continues critique on the team. My critique was a function of my concern. That concern is no longer needed though, the plain has already crashed into the mountain.

I don't watch games live anymore because I just don't care as much as I used too. Today, I don't even want to watch the 'low-light' reel on

Let's just hope the rebuild will get a re-boost soon, starting with cleaning the house from top to bottom. Untill then (and probably a while longer), I ain't putting to much emotional engagement in this team anymore.


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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