Where to Next?

Okay so the Wizards are 0-5...and yes this was supposed to be "the year" when talking of making the playoffs wasn't just pre-season banter, but instead a true possibility. Of course losing John Wall in camp was a major blow to anything that the Wizards hoped to do this season and coupling that with Nene's extended absence with an injury is nothing short of having two legs out of their proverbial chair being kicked out from underneath of them. Which then begs me to ask the questions: What color medal did Brazil win in the Olympics? Immediately followed by asking who pays Nene's LARGE salary?

Both rhetorical questions and I digress.

It's easy to be angry and bitter towards this organization that has given you very few winning seasons, despite your unwavering support...even if it makes you the butt of your boy's jokes for supporting a losing team...because that's me to a "T". I'm angry and I'm bitter! Yet here I am only five games into the season looking for glimmer of hope, a ray of optimism, or really anything that doesn't make me want to hit the rewind button on the last 30 years of my life, thinking about the thousands upon thousands of hours I've spent watching this team lose and lose often.

So where is it?

How can we sit here and say that there's a bright side or that things will get better in the next 77 games?

Jan Vesely is averaging 3 ppg.

Jordan Crawford is getting less than 20 mpg.

And the "veteran stability" of Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor is netting them 14 ppg & 9 in both players stats added together!!!

I guess the we'll be forced to hope that Bradley Beal continues to shoot over 50% and get 18+ ppg, Seraphin keeps improving, Wall should eventually return (I hope), and college basketball has begun...meaning we can all start to think about how this 19 year old or that 20 year old could just maybe change the direction of our beloved franchise and hopefully steer us clear of this iceberg that we've running into for such a LONG time.

Please share your positives Wizards vibes and help explain to me why I should be accepting that this team is paying LOADS of money to overpriced vets, while stifling the growth of the prospects they've accumulated, all while projecting to have very little cap room next season to help remedy the front office's streak of erroneous decisions.


Wizards Fan on the Edge

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