Wizards final score: Washington falls in season opener 94 to 84

Jason Miller

The season is finally here! With Game 1 in the books, here's what we can take away.

Welcome back to the NBA Regular Season! We've waited many, many months to get to this point. Praise be to God Shammgod that we have made it. For a minute there (and by minute I mean 3.5 quarters) it looked the Wizards were going to get creamed by the Cavs (20+ rebounds by Anderson Varejao and 45+ points by the backcourt of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters), but that fourth quarter was a freaking nailbiter. The Wizards came back from 16 down, but they really couldn't hit their shots towards the end of the fourth and fell, 94-84.

Alright, alright. Everyone calm down. I know that game was exciting, even if it ended in a listless loss. Let's get onto the takeaways:


Earl Barron: Way to prove your worth, big guy. With a depleted frontcourt, Barron was able to fill in nicely to put up 8 points (4-6 FGs) and 8 rebounds in 16 minutes.

Martell Webster: 4-6, for 9 points. They needed more from him, but a good offensive and defensive showing from him in his debut.


Bradley Beal: I don't think he was that bad, but he was definitely outshone by his draft-class counterpart Dion Waiters. And that counts for something. Maybe he was just a little skittish in his debut?

The overall shooting: Trevor Booker 4 points (2-9), Jordan Crawford 11 points (4-13), A.J. Price 7 points (2-13). Yikes.

The scoring: This team needs more of it. They went anemic at the end of the game. They need to find points from somewhere. The highest scorer on the team was Crawford with 11 points, and that cannot and will not get the job done. If someone's not on the floor scoring a consistent 20+ points per night (especially since we know multiple people aren't going to be scoring 15+ per night), then this is going to be a massive problem throughout the season.


Trevor Ariza: He started the game pretty hot, but faded away. To me, it was a better showing than what we'd seen in the preseason. It wasn't great tonight, but it made me confident that he will be important later this season.

Chris Singleton: Continuing to prove he's a better power forward than a small forward. Let's hope he keeps that up, at least.


Shoutout to Steve Buchantz for nailing the pronunciation of Anderson Varejao's last name. He really knows how to roll that Portuguese "aõ."

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