The Butt of the NBA: How does it feel Wizard Fans?

We all do it. We make fun of everything last. The Worst High School Basketball team, the worst pee wee football team, the worst high school baseball team.

Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the Butt of the NBA, YOUR WASHINGTON WIZARDS. Only say it like Michael Buffer would say it.

You have a $22million starting small forward who cannot play anymore. Heck, he fought with an Assistant Coach. The Wizards tried to hide it saying it was a knee injury. Now that's a joke. Gotta keep on lying to us fans. Just tell us like it is. If they had words, then they had words. What are we stupid? I guess we are.

We have a starting shooting guard, who we all thought was going to get at least $5million a year. He was trying to get $9million a year. Funny thing, the rest of the NBA did not even give him over the $3.7million a year the Wizards offered Nick. We over valued the worth of a starting Wizard. Funny how no other team valued him more.

We have a Coach who does not care about putting the best team on the floor to start the game. He would rather wait until we are down 10 or 20 to put in the players that can actually play, and or, play with heart and determination. It's just too bad. Apparently, he is worried about Andray's and Rashards and Jordan's FEELINGS. Somebody call the freakin WHAMBULANCE.

We have a Veteran player, a one year rental player, who called a players only meeting. He was astonished on the attitude of several players. He called it ENTITLEMENT. Now that is funny. You haven't won a game, yet you FEEL that you should start and get the minutes anyway. And WORST, the Coach and Management believe it too.

In the real world, we would call this team LOSERS. And it starts from the top. Management feels that certain players should be treated better than others. From playing time to the ability to disrespect the Coach and others on the team. It does not matter. They will play because the boss says that they are the cornerstone of the team.

If you are a fan of the Washington Wizards, then you part of the Butt of the NBA. Congratulations. (I am going to take my medicine now)

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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