Pick ONE: John Wall or Kyrie Irving?

I know it's early. That's why I wanted to do this poll now, because by the end of the year it may be clear who the better player will be.

For the sake of this discussion let's assume neither player will have injury problems.

Given the way our team has been playing, I dont expect Wall to run away with this vote...We haven't seen a whole lot of Kyrie, so I'm interested to see what the BF community has to say.

Please try to keep the debate civil. I feel like anyone that picks Kyrie is going to be flamed for "jumping ship". I'm sure that the members here that pick Kyrie are still dedicated Wizard fans.

Aaaaaaand to start off the debate, here's my pick and argument:

Kyrie Irving--I know, big surprise after what I said above. If John can develop a jumper, then I'm going to be wrong, and very happy at the same time. The comparisons made between Kyrie and CP3 were right...although Kyrie seems to be a bit more inclined to score. I wasn't sold on him coming out of Duke, but I've seen him play 3 times and I'm convinced he's the real deal. The vision, the speed, the moves, the jumper--it's all there. He has a nice mid-range game and can hit the 3 ball.

The more I watch Kyrie and CP3 the more I realized how much John's lack of a jumper kills him. J-Money cant be stopped on the fastbreak, but in half court sets defenders can sag off him...if his jumper improves opposing teams would have to play up on him more, and we would see John in the lane a lot more. There is no reason to believe his shot cant improve--If J-Kidd could do it after all those years Wall can too. I know he has the work ethic.

The thing is, when and if John finds his jumper, and he manages to become not just capable but a good shooter--he will fly by Kyrie in terms of productiveness.

I want John to prove me wrong. I really do. But my gut tells me Kyrie will be better in the long haul.

I wanted to say that at the end of the year it would be fair to directly compare their production. I wanted to say that Kyrie doesn't have a lot of help, like Wall--but at second glance he has a decent team around him with veteran leadership. Antawn is horrible on D but is a great pick-and-pop partner. I hate Verajao but he can finish around the hoop and rebound. Boobie Gibson, Parker, and Casspi are all solid shooters. Not an all-world team, but he has some help.

Wall has...I think we all know what Wall has around him. No need for me to go into detail.

PS--Who else wishes we had held onto Alonzo Gee? He would be starting at the 3, give us similar production to Rashard, and cost about 19 million less.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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