6 Coaching Candidates in no particular order

The Wizards will eventually hire a new coach, so I thought I'd throw out some names and links.

1. Bill Bayno (Timberwolves) - bio

Bayno just completed his sixth year with the organization, including the fourth as an assistant coach. When McMillan shook up his staff prior to last season, Bayno became one of his most trusted assistants and sat next to him on the Blazers’ bench during games. Bayno was most regarded for his abilities as a player development coach and it was common to see him dripping with sweat during pregame workouts and after Blazers practices, when he worked one-on-one with players.Oregon Live

2. Michael Malone (Warriors) - interview

Malone worked with Brown in Cleveland for five years before the Cavaliers fired Brown after the 2009-2010 season. Before joining the Hornets' staff the following season, Malone was given the responsibility of managing the Cavaliers' defense and proved to be a huge reason why they thrived in that area. LA Times

3. Elston Turner (Suns) - bio

Adelman, 64, has long touted lead assistant Elton Turner as ready to lead a team, but the Rockets were not willing to designate Turner as Adelman’s successor, leading to Turner’s decision to turn down an offer to interview for the head coaching position.Houston Chronicle

4. David Joerger (Grizzlies) - bio

Living in North Dakota for much of my life and being the minor league basketball junkie that I am, I'm rather familiar with the coaching credentials of Joerger - he's won five minor league titles, earned three coach of the year honors and was the head coach of the winning team in perhaps the greatest basketball moment I've ever watched live (above - and you're lying if that doesn't give you goosebumps).

Ridiculous Upside

5. Johnny Davis (Raptors) - interview

"Since we have such a young team I thought it was necessary to hire a group of coaches who can effectively mentor, communicate, motivate and teach on-and-off the floor."Davis completed his 35th season in the NBA in 2010-11. He has been a player, assistant coach, front office executive and two-time head

6. Ettore Messina (Lakers) - interview

Among NBA executives, Messina has been a possible NBA head coaching candidate for a long period, with the only reservation being his lack of experience in the league. For his part, Messina has accepted that he has to pay his dues as an assistant in the NBA, and his association with Brown stretches back many years, as Brown would frequently travel overseas during the off-season to stay as his guest. Messina was also mentioned as a possible candidate for the newly opened head coaching position with the Toronto Raptors. Silver Screen and Roll

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