Wizards Master Plan may backfire- drastically

No one wants to play for a loser. No one wants to be laughed at. Right now the Wizards ARE A LOSER and ARE BEING LAUGHED AT.

I went from a Season Ticket Holder last year to a fan who prefers to listen to most of the game on the radio this year because I simply cannot watch our sorry starting lineup and rotation. To all the Andray Blatche supporters out there: Sorry, I just cannot watch him play defense for an entire game. The abuse is painful. To all the Rashard Lewis fans out there: Sorry, I just cannot watch a guy give such a great effort but his skill set is so far removed from what it was. To all the Nick Young fans out there: When Nick is on shooting he is fun to watch, but when he is off he is simply the worst shooting guard in the NBA, zero contributions other than points. I miss his dew. To all the Trevor Booker and Chris Singleton fans out there: I am truly sorry because the Wizards coaching staff does not care that you are better than the starters. You will not play until the other teams lead is big enough.

What happens if JaVale decides to sign his qualifying offer for next year and become an UNRESTRICTED free agent the following year? Ted has not listed JaVale as one of his cornerstone players.

What happens if John Wall says "trade me!" Yikes!!!

Why isn't Andray a Memphis Grizzly right now? Kinda funny how Memphis traded for Speights from Philly instead of asking for Andray. Oh yea. We don't want to trade Andray because he is one of Ted Leonsis's cornerstone players. Even when we are down so many points, like last night, we are going to keep playing the older players. So much for development, especially our BIGS.

Do you think Trevor Booker is happy about coming into games after the Starters have put the Wizards in a huge hole? Remember against Boston when Trevor comes in the 3rd quarter and rallys the Wizards back to down 9 from 20 and then he is taken out in the 4th quarter so that Andray and Rashard can play. Lead balloons quickly back to 17. Game over. (I still wonder why Trevor did not play in the first half).

Yay! We get a high draft pick next year. Somewhere in the top 4. Are we trying to be the next Minnesota Timberwolves franchise. It sure is starting to look like that.

Ted says patience. I say that is shear FOOLISHNESS. That is not how the NBA works today. Great players want to play with other great players. Those teams become the talk of the NBA. Everyone else is either ignored, Portland, or laughed at, Washington.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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