There is a solid team on this roster - if they get the minutes

As terrible as the Wizards look, right now, I honestly believe that they are not nearly as bad talent-wise as their record suggests. I think that Wizards players can be sorted into three tiers: the good, the solid and the bad.


JaVale McGee, C - I don't think anyone could dispute this, JaVale has proven over the past two seasons that he is a top 15 center in this league and deserves a long term contract once the season is over. Where he's shown the most improvement is his defensive rebounding, which has risen consistently since he entered the league.

Trevor Booker, PF - Book continues to be the most underrated player on this team. He scores his points efficiently, rebounds the hell out of the ball, and makes few egregious mistakes. I love Book and I think he should be given the starting job permanently.

John Wall, PG - John started off the season horribly; there were even some ridiculous whispers that he was a bust. Over the past few games, though, John has shown flashes of the superstar we think he's going to be. I think he's an above average point guard going forward.

Ronny Turiaf, C - Turiaf may be injured right now, but he is a proven high-energy impact player that works well off the bench and knows how to fit in with a team.


Chris Singleton, SG/SF/PF - He's been essentially what we expected, but he needs to improve his shooting.

Shelvin Mack, PG - Shelvin's been a pleasant surprise, he's a good backup point guard.

Kevin Seraphin, PF/C - Seraphin has rebounded the ball well, he's still raw but I think he has a future in the league as a big man off the bench.

Jan Vesely, SF/PF - Jan is just so raw, but so promising. His aggressiveness is an asset when it comes to rebounding and defense, but it causes him to foul all of the time. Most bf readers could shoot a higher percentage from the foul line. I'll let that speak for itself.


Nick Young, SG - Nick's strength's and weaknesses have been gone over so many times on this site that it would be pointless to list them again. To be brief, the only thing he can do is shoot, and he's not even doing that efficiently. Most overrated player on the roster.

Andray Blatche, PF - Get him off the team

Jordan Crawford, PG/SG - Plays like he's Kobe Bryant, has the skillset of Shelvin Mack.

Rashard Lewis, SF/PF - Barely resembles the player who player who was so integral to the Magic just a few years ago. Deep into his decline.

Notice how every "bad" player on the roster plays significant minutes when healthy. This is why the team is losing. If we ran a starting lineup of Wall, Young (we really have no SG's), Singleton, Booker, and Mcgee consistently, we certainly wouldn't be a playoff team, but we wouldn't be this embarrasing.

With a player like Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, Jeremy Lamb, or Harrison Barnes, this roster would be drastically improved. We need another scorer and we need them bad. But the future is bright for this team, if we have a coach and GM who know what they're doing.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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