Grunfeld has to go Now and Other Musings

A key component of organizational success is culture. In fact, I think it is "the" key component.

Culture starts at the top. The person in charge sets the tone and from there, it trickles down to the lowest employee on the totem pole.

Ted Leonsis is a smart and successful business man. He's also fairly transparent, a trait I respect. I was very happy and hopeful knowing that he is in charge of our beloved basketball franchise. But my view of him has taken some some serious dents since he took over.

Quite simply, Ted has failed to institute even the slightest amount of positive change in culture during his brief time as head man in charge.

Firing Flip is a good move but one that is 1 1/2 seasons and John Wall's wasted development too late. A cursory look into Saunders' pitfalls with the Pistons and Timberwolves by Leonsis should've resulted in his immediate dismissal before last season. Saunders is a good coach, when he has the players on his team already have the right mindset; he is not the man to instill that mindset.

No doubt Saunders deserved to be fired, but he is the scapegoat for his boss.

I'm usually not one for hyperbole, but I find it appalling that Grunfeld is still with the 'Zards. Since his hiring in 2004, he has allowed a toxic, bad behavior enabling culture to flourish. He gave an unpredictable malcontent, coming off of meniscus surgery 100 million dollars, just one of his many franchise crippling decisions. He then brought in his hand picked coach, Saunders, to get the team over the hump. Instead, he brought Flip into fail. Saunders had absolutely no chance to straighten out the culture that Grunfeld enabled.

Which brings us to Ted. If he truly wants to institute a culture change, he needs to clean house now. It should have started with Grunfeld. Instead, it commenced in embarrassing fashion with a less significant piece of the puzzle, a fall guy. There is no justifiable reason for him to stay around till the end of this season. Ideally, Leonsis has been looking into replacements for Grunfeld. He needs to get his man in here as soon as he is identified. Then Leonsis should move out of the way and let his new GM pick his coach. Whitman may be a tough guy, but his career record screams more disappointment. This organization cannot waste another second stunting the development of a potential franchise cornerstone and the rest of its viable talent.

Lastly, one decision, or lack thereof sticks with me the most during Grunfeld's tenure: Not trading Andray Blatche during the summer of 2010, when his stock was as high as it would ever get. Instead, Grunfeld, decided to give him a 5-year contract. Dray then promptly hurt his foot and came into the season out-of-shape. That should tell you all you need to know.

This time, Grunfeld should not be around to clean up his own mess. Each day that he stays on in his current capacity, my confidence in Leonsis' ability to successful right this ship declines.

Get it done Ted.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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