My Plan for the next 2 years

Hey Guys,

Long time lurker, relatively new poster. I've been a fan since 2001. To be honest I was originally a Gil fan and the Wiz kids ended up growing on me. Anyways here is my plan (none of these ideas are original. I merely consolidated the ones I read and agree with).

Let me know if you guys think this would be good for the team. I also think that Ernie should be fired but I don't know much about potential head coach candidates so i left that out. Here is what I'd do if I were GM.

One question I still struggle to answer is whether or not the problem lies with the organization or the players or a combination of both. Its like a chicken or egg situation. Is it the system and coaching that has limited these players or is it the players fault for not fully buying in to what Flip is selling...

Ultimately I'd say it's varying amounts of both. So lets clean house. Here's my idea of how we could do it.


Fire Flip - Unfortunately Flip must go. He has shown to have little control over these players and his system certainly doesn't suit the pieces he has to work with. During his absence and the subsequent interim period I'd put in someone who emphasizes defensive rotations and rebounding (if this requires hiring a qualified big man coach too then so be it) , as well as, a more up and down style offense rather than the half court one Flip has instilled (one that requires guards that can shoot and forwards that can actually set hard screens and crash lanes. Neither of which we have)

Spend Money Wisely - As in pay no more than 7 million TOPS for Nick Young to return. If he wants to sign for more? Let him walk and draft a competent SG in in either this draft or next draft. I'd prefer if we went for PF this draft since there seem to be more available, but either is fine.

Draft Smart - This part is difficult because it ultimately depends on what draft position we luck into. However, if we did find ourselves lucky enough to get the No. 1 pick I'd be all for drafting Anthony Davis. If we were anywhere between 2-5 I'd go with these fellows in no particular order (I cant say I'm the most up to date in terms of college ball so let me know in the comments whom of these guys you'd draft.

McAdoo, Sullinger, Lamb, Barnes, Miller, Beal, Rivers, MKD, Terrence/ Perry Jones.


Amnesty Blatche - Send Blatche packing next year. This is our time to really improve our roster and we can't afford any dead weight. Plus hes had enough opportunities to prove himself.

Trade Lewis - 23 million off your books is incentive enough to add him to your squad next year. The question is what do we want in return. If we go PF in the 2012 draft then I'd say he goes for a 2013 first rounder or a decent SG (Afflalo, Harden, Ellington, Henderson) types. Afflalo and Harden may be hard to get but Wayne Ellington and Henderson both play mad hard, have good heads on their shoulders and would be the type of player (chemistry wise) I'd like to get in return.

Use That Money!! - At this point we'd still have enough cap space to draft a couple quality free agents at either the 2,3, or 4 position. Quality Free agents at that time will include:

Dwight, Eric Gordon (potentially), Ray Allent (1-2 year contract? I still think hes got that left in him), Gallo, Batum, JaVale, Lopez, Hibbert, Asik, Terry (1-2 year contract), Mahini...

Now here we can go a couple different ways. But essentially we need to spend that money and make moves and now would be the time to start building, especially with the combination of Wall, 2012 pick, whatever FA's and the 2013 pick the following year (along with whatever we get for Lewis).

Things are starting to come together now, huh?

Again this is just my opinion of what needs to go down. A lot of things can change before we get there. But I'm interested in everyone's opinions. Please let me know...I spent awhile on this.


This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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