Who Ya Got?

I realize that it's early and the NBA season is in full swing. But with this Wizards team... it's never to early to start draft conversation! Assuming the Wizards don't go on an amazing run and get to the playoffs, I want to talk about the first round pick. It's more than likely that the Wizards will obtain a top three pick but let's assume the Wizards get their choice no matter where they're picking (first overall if you will).

Editor's note: I'm going to leave out small forwards because I have trouble seeing the Wizards using their first rounder when they picked up two last year. But SF is in the poll.

Anthony Davis, PF:

People view him as the number 1 pick no matter what. I'm a little more skeptical and think it depends on what team. I could really see teams falling in love with the next kid. Not sure he's going to be a superstar but at worst he'll be a defensive force and that's not to be overlooked. 9195d1325051329-anthony-davis-next-davis_medium



-Freak Athlete

-Great shot blocker and good rebounder

-Effort and high motor

-Team player


-Needs to hit the weight room

-A little bit raw, needs to work on his post game

Andre Drummond, PF/C:

Some people have called him "Amare 2.0," I'm not really ready to go there yet but I understand the comparison. He has a surprising amount of moves for a kid who was about to be in high school right now.




-Great Athlete as well

-Again, good rebounder and shot blocker (but Davis is better at the moment)

-Surprisingly high "basketball IQ" for a young guy

-Developing post game that should be more than solid by draft day


-Seems passive occasionally but that seems to be the system with the talent at UConn

-Can pick up fouls in a hurry

Thomas Robinson, PF:

Robinson is a boom or bench player. I could see him being a star because of his high competitiveness but if he isn't I see him being a solid energy player. So no bust here in my eyes.




-Strong like bull

-Great rebounder and dunker

-Plays very hard on both ends


-Needs to have more work in the post

-A tiny bit undersized

-Junior and has played a limited role the past couple years

Jeremy Lamb, SG:

I love Lamb and think he's going to be a star. Not a super star but finding a star SG is a rarity. The problem I'd have with drafting him is that he lines up to be a Nick Young 2.0.




-Good shooter and athlete with long arms

-Smooth game

-Again a lot of range


-Needs more strength, a lot more

-Can get caught looking for his own shot a little too much on a talented team

Jared Sullinger, PF:

If Sullinger was two inches taller, he'd be the surefire first overall pick. His post game is ridiculously good, not to mention he goes "hard in da paint" and is tough as nails.




-Strong and plays with force

-Dominating on the boards despite being smaller

-The most refined post game in all of college basketball


-Just a little undersized

-Not a great athlete to make up for it (unlike Thomas Robinson)

-Conditioning has been a concern, seems better this year although he's been getting injured but not tired

Small Forwards:

Perry Jones III - Too passive and doesn't make the most of his abilities. Too boom or bust.

Harrison Barnes - Smooth, good range, and height. Not a great athlete but not bad at the same time. He'll be an average starter.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - I love this kid. Highest motor I've seen in a while, a leader on star-studded team, and undervalued range. I think he's going to be a star, there's no need to convince anyone because as his season goes on, he's going to force teams to draft him. I'd draft him if he didn't have a logjam at the 3.

Anyways my choice is Andre Drummond. I think he fits well here.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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