Thunder Vs. Wizards Quotes: Flip Saunders Is No Longer Eating At Subway

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Here are some quotes from the Washington Wizards' locker room following Wednesday's 105-102 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday. My favorite, though, comes from Flip Saunders. You may remember his infamous Subway quote on Monday, so SB Nation D.C.'s Michael Katz smartly asked Saunders where he was eating tonight.

"No Subway today," he responded.

Ah, the taste of victory. More quotes below the jump.

Flip Saunders

On doing the little things: "We did the little things you need to do to play winning basketball. We continue to work on [them], we continue to stress [them]. We get frustrated when [the players] don't do them. But when you do those little things, it results in wins."

On playing Nick Young at small forward: "Durant had a little bit more problems chasing him, because usually when he plays the 3 position, he's not used to chasing 3s all around. Nick plays way out on the perimeter so much, and our guys found him in transition more."

On Young's defense on Durant: "Sometimes, you get in situations where you're afraid to put a big guy on a smaller guy, thinking they can shoot over him every time. On the other hand, sometimes little guys have a tendency to be in your legs a little more, a little bit pest-ier, and I think that's what Nick did."

On the team sticking together: "We had a general, a Sergent Major come in to talk to our team yesterday for about 40 minutes, just about team, being in the Marines and those type of things, having to trust your teammates. One of the things he brought up was that when you get somebody that's slumping, it's your responsibility as leaders of the team -- that's everybody in the group -- to lift that guy up. If you don't lift him up, they'll destroy the team."

Andray Blatche

On the boos from the crowd: "Man, from the time they called my name out, [they were on me]. I tried to just keep my head in the game and just help my teammates. Most important thing is that we won."

More on that: "Terrible. Last year, I missed that layup, but on the intro? I was like, 'Oh man.' But hey man, we won. If they want to do that and we win, I don't care."

On taking open shots: "It's tough taking some open shots when, if I take one and I miss, the boos come on. I don't know. It stems down your shot selection. It's tough."

JaVale McGee

On his teammates wrapping arms around him after missing four free throws: "It felt like they had my back whether I missed or made free throws. They really helped me out when I was out there trying to get rebounds."

John Wall

On the play where he took the charge on Kevin Durant with under a minute remaining: "I just saw Russell Westbrook cutting through. The whole time, they'd be running a two-man game at the elbow, and I got James Harden going backdoor. So I just beat Durant to the spot and got there."

Nick Young

On his defense on Kevin Durant: "You see KD air-ball one time. I just wanted to let y'all know about that. That was all me right there."

On his defense on Durant, seriously: "I just didn't want to go for his pump fakes. I know he likes to get people to go for his pump fakes and draw fouls, so I just stayed on the ground and waited until he got in the air. Then, I put my hand up."

Trevor Booker

On coming off the bench: "I was used to coming off the bench, so it felt natural this game. It felt pretty good. But I'm comfortable doing either."

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