Wizards Grades So Far

Here are my grades on the hometown team

John Wall D- He has extremely regressed from his rookie season. He is in the midst of a sophomore slump. He could have used a couple more years in college to work on his jump shot, learn tempo, and work on his free throw shooting. He plays too fast and is forcing everything instead of letting the game come to him. His speed is turning into a negative rather than in asset.

Nick Young C- He is sadly one of the only offensive threats on the Wizards this year. He is showing why the Wizards made a good decision in only giving him a 3 million dollar offer. He is good scorer and however i feel he would be better if he used his athleticism to slash more. The bad is that he is a terrible off ball defender, i question his passion, and he still makes selfish plays.

Rashard Lewis D- He provides pretty good rebounding this year and thats about all, You gotta remember even though he is 32 he is more like 36 in basketball years. I say that because he came out of high school meaning he has played the NBA games of a 36 year old, I also wonder how much HGH helped him.

Andray Blatche D- He is one of the most frustrating players. The potential label becomes a negative when it is has been used as long as it has for Blatche. If he ever put the mental aspects of the game with his talent all together he would have been an All Star many times and could have been a long shot at the hall of fame. Andray lacks heart, focus, and determination.

Javale Mcgee B+ Javale his been the most consistent Wizard by far this season. Besides the first 76ers game Mcgee has brought the effort and energy along with great production to the floor. He his improved on his post moves tremendously. The more he practices during the game the better he will get with the post moves. My favorite move he has now is when he spins of the defender followed by a power dunk. He is a much better defensive rebounder this year going up strong with two hands. He is making better decisions of when to go for the block and when to stay home. Also he understands now that altering a shot is just as good as a block,

Jordan Crawford D- Another player like Wall who has regressed and looks horrible this season. He is a ball hog who is best at slashing but rather take extremely hard jump shots. Like Wall he has been a turnover machine. Like last year only seems to put up numbers when the team is being blown out and there is no pressure.

Chris Singleton B- Singleton is a pretty good on ball defender, good rebounder for a 3, and just plays his ass off, If he can keep working on that corner three he could become a much taller version of Bruce Bowen.

Trevor Booker C+ i will never question Booker's heart or effort. However he needs to watch film of Paul Milsap. Someone with a similar build and height that can show Booker how he best could be more effective offensively. i was impressed how well he stayed with Carmello Anthony.

Kevin Seraphin D Still is extremely raw. He needs to work on his pick n roll defense and touch around the basket, Also he isnt a very good rebounder. I dont have much faith in him being anything more than an energy guy of the bench.

Jan Vesely C I havent seen enough of him to have much of a opinion on him. He is quicker than I expected and plays hard. He needs to put some muscle on both upper body and lower body. Also he needs to figure out a go to move offensively.

Shelvin Mack C+ I like what I've seen from him so far, He needs more minutes IMO. He has the nuances that Wall doesnt possess yet and mostly that is because of playing 3 years in college. He makes good decisions and his a pretty good three point shot.Polls

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