Wizards need Jeremy Lamb

We were mostly in consensus in thinking big man last year and there has been some grumbling about it this year as well but I feel with the combination of McGee-Booker-Singleton gaining some sort of defensive identity and the alarming lack of players able to shoot, let alone score, all draft signs point to one player.

-The lack of scoring punch is evident as I think we are on the pace for being the worst offensive team in NBA history if I remember correctly. Lamb will immediately fix that. this team has nobody on the roster that will hit shots on a consistent basis and Lamb does that and more importantly he does that at a spot which we currently has no long term answer, SG. This draft is deep with forwards but we selected 2 last year (Vesely and Singleton) and 2 the year before (Seraphin and Booker)

-And it isn't only shooting. Unlike Nick Young, Lamb uses his length and athleticism to get to the rim and draw contact. He boasts: 51%FG, 39%3PT, 85%FT and is the meaning of consistency. He also rebounds at a good rate 4reb/game and is close to 1 block and 2 assists and steals per game.

-Now we also know it isn't all about scoring either. Its WHEN you score. We've lacked a true go-to scorer since Gilbert's knees. Honestly, a bunch of games during this rebuilding period has come down to just that. We've been so close but couldn't sustain down the stretch because we had no one to consistently put points on the board. We've tried Nick Young but he is too 1-dimensional at this point and hasn't proved he's even willing to drive to the basket. We've also tried Dray but he's just as erratic offensively. In steps Lamb. I don't have any advanced stats but I watch just about every UConn game and the kid comes through in the clutch (look to last year's championship run where I argue he was the team's most important player).

As an extension of that go-to guy, all apologies to John Wall but he is not that at this point. He is better suited to be a facilitator anyway with all his weaknesses offensively. Lamb I believe is that guy. Since Kemba Walker left Storrs, Lamb had made a seamless transition into THE guy. Along with the the near 10 minute increase of playing time Lamb has upped:

-Scoring from 11.1 to 18.6

-Steals from 0.9 to 1.7

His rebounds, assists and blocks pretty much stayed steady without a major increase in turnovers (1.3 to 2.4)

And also with the increase in volume he's managed to be more efficent!:

-FG % from .487% to .514%

-3PT % from .368% to .392%

-FT% from .797 to .846

-Lamb's presence on the floor will give Wall someone to reply upon from Day 1 and help his development by leaps and bounds because Lamb's shooting ability and all around scoring will open things up for Wall when the defense isn't able to collapse against him. Lamb also has good ball-handling skills and will go into to lane to finish or utilize either the floater or glass. He also moves well without the ball. Calhoun runs him off curls and screens which Lamb is able to come off firing without hesitation. And might I add Lamb is very athletic at 6'5 with a wicked 7'1 wingspan and runs the floor very well so ally oops can extend to the back-court now.

-The only knock you'll hear from him is his defense, which will be warranted in the NBA and he will need to bulk up, but as of now he is able to guard all 3 wing positions because of his length and quickness. Drummond, Sullinger and maybe Kidd-Gilcrest (who I haven't watched play but has been compared to Pippen and I know his defense is for real) are the only 3 players who would make me barely flinch but I think the decision is pretty clear at this point.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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