What the Wizards Need

Ok so the present does not look so great for the Wizards; it was pretty much clear that the Wizards had about zero chance of making the playoffs for anyone that saw the first preseason game. Looking ahead, there are only 5 players currently on the roster that I think factor into our future.

Disclaimer: I am defining 4 positions: PG, Wing, Forward, and Big Men

John Wall PG Starter- Make no mistake, Wall IS our PG until he gets up and leaves

Javale Mcgee C Starter- Finally starting to realize his potential (Must improve-Post moves, Smarts)

Chris Singleton F 7th or 8th Guy- Excellent Defense, Good Energy, Good Decision Maker

Trevor Booker F Bench-Energy Guy

Jan Vesely F ?- Clearly has some tools and upside, but too soon to pass judgement

PG: 1 Wings: 0 Forwards: 3 Big Men: 1

Biggest positional needs: Wings and Big Men

What we have going for us: Energy, Athleticism, Defense (go on laugh)

What we don't have: Efficient scorers, Consistency, Team Players

Looking at our roster, I see one glaring issue: We have a lot of one dimensional players. Most of our guys are energy guys, or defensive specialists, or instant offense. We lack guys with well rounded skills. Wall can't score efficiently, Blatche can't play defense, Javale is a poor decision maker, Nick scores in spite of the offense not as a part of it. Booker and Singleton are below average offensively. The strategy of picking guys that offset eachother's weaknesses is not a good one because basketball is a game of matchups. It doesn't matter if we have 4 guys that play incredible defense if Blatche is just half assing it because you better believe they will run a play at him every time. Our lack of consistency is not only a result of our youth, but our individual weaknesses. If you loosen a bunch of random pipes in your basement, it will blow up in a different way every time. (Poor analogy).

At this point no free agents will want to come here because lets face it... we suck. But because we suck, we will have high draft picks that we can use to fix our deficiencies. Going along with our theme of well roundedness, I have focused on a couple of guys who both fit in with our strengths of energy, athleticism, and defense, and improve our weaknesses. In other words, well rounded guys. Here they a few:

Harrison Barnes (North Carolina) Wing Project Pick: 3-5

6'8 Small Forward that plays for North Carolina. Does everything well. Has a great jumpshot (rated 9/10 by, plays superb defense, and makes good decisions with the ball. Very athletic and scores at almost 50% from the field which is outstanding for a wing. Although he plays SF in college, he has all the tools of a SG and is athletic enough to defend opposing shooting guards. If he does play the 2 in the NBA he would be a consistent matchup problem for the other team because of his outstanding 6'8 frame, which is great even for a small forward. Barnes would improve the lineup in almost every way, and would be a perfect complement to John Wall.

Andre Drummond (UConn) Big Man Projected Pick: Top 3

This guy has a combination of 2 skills that can't be taught: Elite Athleticism and Outstanding Strength. His post skills are steadily improving and he should only be a senior in High School right now. He looks to be a perfect complement to Mcgee, and he can be a great bruiser on both ends of the floor.

James McAdoo (North Carolina) Forward Projected Pick: Mid First Round

McAdoo has the pedigree and skill to make it big in the NBA. Draftexpress seems to think he will be a prototypical Power Forward in the NBA. He has a strong base and good athleticism, but his high skill level and basketball IQ are what set him apart. He can score in the post or with his jumpshot, and plays good defense. He is a very example of an all around player.

And Finally I will leave you with some of my concerns about some other highly touted players:

Perry Jones: Strength and Defense could be an issue.

Jared Sullinger: Weaknesses are Athleticism and Defense.

Anthony Davis: Not very strong and has limited post game.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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