A Look At The Wizards Ranks and What They Mean


Points Per Game: 83.6(30th)

Field Goal Percentage: 39.7%(30th)

Three Point Field Goal Percentage: 29.4%(25th)

Free Throw Percentage: 71.6%(23rd)

Assists Per Game: 15.4(29th)

Offensive Rebounding Average: 10.9(15th)

Turnovers: 14.7(12th)


Points Per Game: 93.8(13th)

Field Goal Percentage: 44%(13th)

Three Point Field Goal Percentage: 35.2%(Tied for18th)

Defensive Rebounding Average: 29.6(24th)

Turnovers Forced Per Game: 17.5(5th)

Offensively, the Wizards are the worst in the league. Their shooting is horrific and the lack of assists points to lack of consistent ball movement. They are also don't take advantage at the free throw line. They do a decent job of hitting the offensive glass and are a pretty solid in terms of taking care of the ball.

Defensively, the Wizards are pretty okay. They have done a solid job of not allowing a lot of points and are pretty competent in forcing teams to shoot an average percentage. They are also exceptional at forcing turnovers, most coming by way of steals. However, the Wiz are awful on the defensive glass.

How They Can Improve-Offense

The Wizards should make an effort to get Nick Young in catch and shoot situations. They should get him running around screens and give him the ball in places where he can set up his shot right away. Run some misdirection dribble handoffs for him like the Celtics do for Ray Allen. Run some double ball screens for the guy. Saunders also needs to DISALLOW one on one play. The offense should be predicated on all five guys touching the ball on a possession and getting the best possible shot. They need more floor spacing and the ball needs to swing from side to side. Guys need to move without the ball at all times. Run some backdoor cuts.The Wiz don't run any type of cohesive sets. This is on the coach!

How They Can Improve-Defense

Gang rebound on the defensive glass. The Wiz are simply a soft team. The only guy on the team that attacks the ball is Trevor Booker. They also need to communicate more. Help defense is a key. They have done a much better job of that the last two games.

The Wizards will not win until Flip Saunders demands more intelligent play from this team. He needs to demand defense, rebounding and ball movement each game. Then again, maybe he does but the guys are just not listening. :(

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