Upcoming Q&A with Ted Leonsis - What would you ask him?

Next Wednesday, January 18, the Wizards will be holding an invitation only Chalk Talk with the Wizards owner Ted Leonsis as the invited speaker. These are normally held on a monthly basis with different guests and serve as a very nice perk for Season Ticket holders.

In an earlier thread, a commenter mentioned an earlier Chalk Talk with Ted and I anyone thought it would be a good idea to have the community come up with a question or two that we would like to ask Ted from a fan's perspective. Our fearless leader, Mike Prada, answered in the affirmative and suggested a fan post as the vehicle.

So here is your opportunity. If you had a chance to ask Ted Leonsis one question what would it be? It could be probing, inquisitive, something you always wanted to know about the team or Ted, or irreverent. But remember, time will be limited so most likely only one or two questions may make it into the Q&A session.

Please write your proposed question in the comments.

This will allow the community to then vote on the top questions the group as a whole would like to ask. Hopefully the wisdom of crowds come through for us :-). Just kidding, I know it will . I would like to recommend using the handy dandy Fagan Rec Button to vote for your favorite questions. Feel free to vote for as many questions as you like.


Hopefully, the top vote getter will be asked at the session. I will add the top voter getters to the body of the post on Tuesday Night. This will allow the top three questions to be easily accessed.

Due to professional obligations, I may not be able to attend, but I sure another Season Ticket Holding BF member who does attend would be willing to ask the question on the community's behalf. Even if the question isn't asked, I suspect someone from the team monitors the site, and maybe they will simply take the opportunity to ask the question on the community's behalf at the start of the Q&A.

After the event, I will post the response if I am able to attend. If not, I will need to rely on a fellow BFer for the transcript. I am sure the community is up to the task.

The floor is yours.


Here are the top 3 Questions!!! I hope someone will have the opportunity to answer.

  • Question 1 - In the second year of the rebuilding process, what are the three most significant benchmarks for this year that you are tracking to see whether the Wizards are on the right track to be a contender down the road?
  • Question 2 - When assistant coaches Wes Unseld, Jr and Mike Wells left the team no new hires were added to the coaching staff. What was the rationale?
  • Question 3 - Do you see any benefits to having a dedicated farm team? What criteria will the Wizards organization have to meet before purchasing a D-League affiliate?

If anyone is attending the chalk talk, please feel free to ask and note the answers to any of these questions. If anyone from the Wizards Organization is reading this, please feel free to ask the top question on behalf of the Bullets Forever Community or even better, please have Ted respond here or on Ted's Take.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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