2012 Realistic Free Agents to look forward to?

I'm just going to throw out 4 players that I like, and how I think they'd fit in the grand scheme of things. All are obtainable with no need for big spending on individual contracts. IMO the "get another superstar" ship has sailed. The only one that fits is dwight howard, and well, who knows what will happen. I'm not going to dabble into minutes distribution, who stays or who goes, future draft picks, or any of that. I'm going to assume that john wall's eventual re-negotiation is still a ways away.


Ryan Hollins, 7'0, 240, (Age: 29 by the 12' season) Cleveland Cavaliers.

Does Hollins really factor in to the cleveland rebuild? They have to be gunning for a more valuable anchor to the paint. Everybody in the world thought they were going to pick up rights to valuncianas(sp?) at the draft and it made sense to do so. Hollins shouldn't demand a high asking price, and is a legit center that can back up mcgee, and is a better option than a combo forward doing so. He's not young, but he's not so old that he's a liability. 


Mickael Pietrus, 6'6, 215, (Age: 31 by the 12' season) Phoenix Suns.

I really like Pietrus. He's a veteran that has played big in big situations, and you can never have enough 3pt specialists, which imo we are in desperate need of. His contract was overinflated after the big run with orlando, but his price should drop after playing backup to vince carter for another season. He's not a liability on defense, and he's french. Which would be great for seraphin if we're still invested in developing him.




Darrell Arthur, 6'9, 235, (Age: 25 by the 12' season) Memphis Grizzlies.

This guy fits right into what the wizards want in the front court. Tough, Confident, and can run the floor. He rebounds, can knock down the occasional jumper, effective in limited minutes, and now has playoff experience under his belt. Memphis will definitely be in a difficult situation if they're sending big money marc gasol's way, considering they need to retain any type of athletic talent after getting TROUNCED by oklahoma city's transition game. Arthur could very easily end up walking away in free agency. 


Nicolas Batum, 6'8, 200, (Age: 25 by the 12' season) Portland Trailblazers

More french guys, amirite. I actually don't know alot about portland's situation, if they're interested in keeping him. How much they are willing to invest in gerald wallace, or anything really. Maybe someone else can shine light on the situation. I just know if lewis walks, then batum's 3pt capability will be highly desirable


So what do you guys think? What players are you keeping your eyes on in free agency for the next 2 seasons?

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