NBA Limbo

The idea of  "NBA limbo" is something that scares the S out of me; To bad to ever be good, to good to ever get better. That team that is just good enough to stay out of the bottom of the lottery, but never really good enough to honestly contend. They grab a 6th-8th seed in the playoffs pretty consistently, win a couple first round games here and there, maybe even steal a 5 spot one year and advance to the 2nd round but the actual idea of them contending is laughable to most outside the team's home. 

I think the Gil/Caron/AJ Wizards were the the perfect example of this type of team... the Deron Williams Jazz, Pacers and Bucks teams of the past. With the way this draft is playing out the new Wizards are in danger of falling into that same trap...

Developing a franchise in the NBA is a 2 step process... find a player you can build around, build around said player. An example of a team completing this process... the OKC Thunder. An example of a team failing... the Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cavs completed step 1 but never was able to complete step 2. The problem?? (Other than a laundry list of poor FO/FA moves) Getting to good too quick. Within 2 years they were a 50 win team and after swinging and missing at their only other high draft pick (Luke Jackson at 10) their only other option on improving was free agency, a losing proposition for most teams unless you can offer a south beach or hollywood mailing address. I dont see JW becoming that dominant that quick but he does have the ability to at least drag us out of the basement, true lottery contenders portion of the league. Its real hard to actually get better when there are at BEST 2 (maybe 3) sure things in a draft class and every thing past 8-10 is a crap shoot until lady luck wants to let you win one. 


I think we can all pretty much agree that the franchise is on a 3-5 year audition for John Wall. Show him that you have a plan, that you can stick that plan and become an actual contender or sell him for pennys on the dollar hoping you can pick up that next franchise player you can audition for. With Wall in place I think the Wizards best option is trying to return to the 3 headed monster and then fill with role players around them. How many players (available past 6) in this years draft do you think can be the 2 or 3 to John Wall's 1, which is already a huuge leap of faith. Is Kawhi Leonard or Jan Vesely going to be 2nd or 3rd option on a team that is going to make John Wall comfortable with signing up long term in DC?? If they are our options does it possibly make sense to not draft the best available player and instead going with the player who will fit an eventual role, keep our win total down for next year in the hopes of choosing 1-6 again rather than 7-12??


Using this line of logic there are 2 main targets for me in this years draft (knowing full well that neither make much sense at 6 and would have to involve a trade down)...


Bismack Biyombo - A player that I admit I have not seen alot of play from. A player that, I am quickly finding out, might not be the player I originally pictured in my head. I originally saw him as a shorter, stronger joakim noah but I am quickly being corrected that the comparison is extremely generous (and possibly totally offbase). What is a better comparison for him?? Is the player I originally thought of as a defensive, athletic physical freak just an athletic physical freak??


Jimmer Fredette - A name I havent heard on this site for months. I always thought a sharp shooting 3 point specialist was a slashing/distributing PGs best friend. Could be an instant offense player coming off the bench and would fit much better playing with a taller PG like wall who could occasionally guard the SG. 


(Sorry wanted to finish this thing but got to run and at this point I would rather publish than let this join my list of drafts that never get seen)

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