SpecialSauce Draft Board: T Minus 18 Days

Here's an update of what my big board looks like.  The noticeable omissions include Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker.  The reasons why Irving isn't on the board is because he's a likely top 2 pick and there's no reason why the Wizards would make a trade to draft him and Walker isn't on it either because his value is purely based on trade value, which is a hard thing to calculate right now.

1.  Derrick Williams-  The best talent in the draft is a versatile forward who's talents can be maximized on this team.

2.  Enes Kanter- Kanter is nicknamed the "Turkish Bull", the Wizards need a bull in the paint regardless of where it comes from.

3.  Jan Vesely- One of the hardest players in the class to project, but his size, athleticism, and intensity are qualities that can't be coached, yet defensive positioning and shooting can.  Vesely is a freak athlete who would get plenty of minutes on the Wizards to get better.  A year working with Rashard Lewis could do wonders.

4.  Bismack Biyombo- If the Wizards are going to keep Blatche next season, they're going to need a defensive specialist to offset some his liabilities.  Biyombo and McGee would give their perimeter players the ability to gamble because they've got elite shot blockers guarding the rim.

5.  Alec Burks- He might not be the perfect fit in DC, but Burks is a heck of a basketball player with loads of upside.  He knows what to do with the ball in his hands and how to get it there.  Burks has abilities that no other player has in this class and will be a steal wherever he goes.

6.  Brandon Knight- I see Burks and Knight as two of the best players in this class and when we look back in 5 years on this class, those two will be some of the headliners.  I actually think Knight will have a better NBA career than Irving...heard it here first!

7.  Jonas Valanciunas- Centers are the hardest position to fill in the NBA.  JV is very green, but he's young enough and committed to playing in Europe to further his development for the next year or two.  A 6'11" kid with a 7'6" wingspan that only leaves the paint to set picks on the perimeter is a lovely thing.  A big that plays like a big is so rare these days.

8.  Kawhi Leonard-  Clearly I'm not as high on Kawhi as some.  I really like his talents, but don't see him as a starting SF in the NBA for at least 2-3 seasons...if ever.  What truly lessens my interest in Leonard is what's likely to be available in next year's draft.  Leonard will need time to develop, taking SF's in back to back drafts won't allow that to happen.

9.  Tristan Thompson-  He's one of my sleepers in the draft.  This kid is so raw, but so talented that I think he too will become one of the steals of the draft, even more so if winds up on the right team.  He may be undersized as a prototypical PF, but his motor, length, and strength minimize those fears.  An excellent defender, with an improving offensive game, high motor, and only 20 years old is a good package.

10.  Chris Singleton- Everybody needs a defensive specialist/do it all type SF.  Singleton will never be a super star, probably not even a star, but what he will do is minimize the damage of his opponent's star player.  Singleton would fit in well with the guys drafted last year.

11.  Donatas Motiejunas-  No player has slipped farther than Donnie has, but that's due to some questions raised about his dedication to the game.  The Adidas Eurocamp is taking place in Italy right now and I'd assume his stock will increase after the NBA teams get a better look at him.  His offensive abilities are very rare for a 7 footer, but lacks anything on defense.  He could become a nice "instant offensive" big off the bench for his first couple of seasons.

12.  Klay Thompson- The team that scores more points wins the game and Thompson is a flat out assassin!  This kid has unlimited range with his beautiful shot and an NBA pedigree.  I watched Thompson several times for his WSU team and there was no denying he was the leader of that team.  I see so much Reggie Miller in his game, I always need to remind myself to think more Kyle Korver than Miller, but I just have a feeling about him.

13.  Jordan Hamilton- He reminds me of Nick Young in a lot of ways, just in a bigger body.  If Hamilton can occupy a spot coming off the bench for his first two years, I think he'll become a very good NBA players, but needs to be surrounded with other scoring options and disciplined players.  Hamilton jacked many poor shots, but just like any shooter....when it rains it pours.

14 & 15.    Marcus Morris & Markieff Morris-  This would pis.s them off to see them in essence viewed as the same player, but there isn't a ton of separation.  I know that Marcus wants to be a SF, but I just don't see it.  Both guys will best be served to come off the bench and provide steady and consistent play to their team.  These guys are fundamentally sound role players, not stars.

16.  Tobias Harris-  Young, smart, and passionate is a tremendous trio of adjectives to use when describing any man, but Tobias has a bright NBA future ahead of him, as long as he's not expected to deliver right away.  One of the youngest players in the draft spiked his stock at the combine.  He's very raw, but he's got a great future.

17.  Jimmer-  When you're this big of a star you only need to be called by one name :).  For the Wizards Jimmer would be instant offense off the bench.  He's not a need in DC, but he can play ball and he can shoot it even better.

18.  Marshon Brooks-  Another flat out scorer.  He was a high volume shooter in college, but had hardly a spec of help on that Friars roster.  His 7 foot wingspan will more than compensates for his lack of ideal height.  He's got Jordan/Jamal Crawford like talent written all over him.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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