Why I think Kanter is a 50/50 for us at the #6 Pick

A lot of people seem to be saying that there's absolutely no way Kanter falls to us at #6 but I'm writing this post to discuss why I think there's a good chance that Kanter does actually fall to us at the #6 pick. I'll start out by discussing who I think the 5 teams ahead of us would pick.

#1 Cleveland

I'm actually not 100% sure on who they will pick because they can choose Kyrie Irving like the consensus mock draft predicts, or they can pick Derrick Williams and look to choose a point guard at the #4. I think both scenarios make sense, but I have Cleveland picking Irving. For me Williams doesn't have that star potential that Irving does, and for a team with an owner that promised to deliver a championship before Lebron, they will be picking the guy with the most star potential, which is Irving.

#2 Twolves

It's really hard for the Twolves to pick a prospect here. Derrick Williams is too much like Beasly for them to say, oh Williams is the must pick prospect here. And they can't pick a point guard, they just signed Rubio. They also really can't pick Kanter who plays the same position as their star player, Kevin Love. I don't think Kahn wants to draft Valanciunas either because he's kind of on a hot seat right now, and probably wants immediate impact. If the contract situation works out smoothly, I have Twolves drafting Valanciunas (given the pick is not traded, which I think there's a high chance that it would be). If not, then I think they'll draft the best prospect possible, who is Derrick Williams even though he's a lot like a player that they already have.

#3 Utah

To me, I think it's a given that Utah drafts a point guard. Well they definitely aren't going to draft Kanter,with Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, and Favors (who by the way is definitely a better prospect than Kanter). So it comes down between Knight and Walker, and I think they'll draft Knight because he seems (at least to me) to have better court vision and play making skills than Walker, which is what I believe Utah is looking for. It's really hard to make an argument for that, but I hear rumors that Utah likes Knight a lot as well. So I have Utah drafting Knight.

#4 Cleveland

A lot of people are saying that there is absolutely no way they pass on Kanter at this pick. Well I'm saying that there is absolutely a way that they do pass on Kanter. Valanciunas to me is the better prospect than Kanter in the sense that he has more potential, and oh boy does he have a lot of that. Valanciunas has made big strides every year, and there's no telling how good he can get. He also keeps growing, so there's no telling how tall he would get. On top, Cleveland does have Hickson at the power forward, who is a good PF prospect himself. So if Cleveland was to pick between Kanter and Valanciunas, I think they go with Valanciunas. Also, unlike the Twolves, Cleveland can stash Valanciunas for 1 or 2 years, so that contract issue shouldn't be that big. Again, I think Cleveland would want someone with more star potential, and that's Valanciunas.

#5 Raptors

Do people forget that they drafted Ed Davis last year? And that they also gave Amir Johnson a fat contract last year that made the basketball world go what the f--k? They are really stacked at the power forward spot (if you can call that being stacked). If you think in the Raptors perspective, their biggest need is the point guard spot. Over the last few years they had to suffer from that position the most, and I think it's time they drafted a good young point guard prospect. Seriously, think back a few years, they had TJ Ford and Jose Calderon fighting for the starting spot, both who are definitely not starting point guards in this league. So all in all, I have the Raptors picking Walker, or Knight depending on who Utah took.


Also, we have to realize that Kanter does have decent amount of question marks. Which is probably why the Wizards as an organization isn't as high on him as we are here at the BF community. I don't see the Wizards making a trade (unless it's a good one) to move up to draft Kanter. I think they'll draft him if he falls but no taking risks to move up and draft him.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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