Questions for the futue

I'm not going to be negative anymore about Vesely. He is a Wizard now, he can do some stuff and can't do a bunch of other stuff and his girlfriend is hot.

 I do have some question's and I'm wondering what you guys think

Minutes distribution

Lewis plays starting minutes at SF next yr. He is our only real veteran, he's paid the 2nd highest salary in they league behind only Kobe Bryant and he is under contract for the coming season and the one after that. Blatche is our best player at PF and is our default starter at that position. With the both of them playing 35 mpg (starters minutes) there are 26 mpg left at the forwards spots and 4 young forwards to fill them with. Singleton can play the 3, 4 and some 2 imo but at the 2 view minutes will be available if we resign Nick. Blatche can play the 5 but its not ideal for him to be effective, especially not defensively. Seraphin is a center, stuck in a PF body and he lacks the athleticism to make up for it, so he is best used at the 4 with a long (offensively skilled) center next to him. 

So, how are we going to distribute the available PT in order to develop all of them? That's going to be difficult. Should we therefore trade one or two of them at the deadline for some other asset maybe? I know some will scream we should trade Blatche to answer this question but think about the lack of skill and scoring in our front court first. He is our only legit scorer among them (even if he doesn't really try all that hard).


With only 1 rosterspot left, McGee and Ndiaye are our only centers. Booker and Blatche are natural PF’s and Lewis and Vesely will be playing most of the SF minutes I presume (What about Singleton and Seraphin you say? See the above). This group is extrémely weak on the boards. Especially defensively. We all know what that means: extra possessions will be to easy to come by for our opponents and without rebounds/stops we’re not going to be playing a lot of transition basketball at all (which is about the only thing I see us doing above average next season). Nick starting at the 2 is not going to help us much either and we can’t expect John to log 82 double digit-rebounding games right? So how are going to get 40+ rebounds on a regular basis?

Next year's draft

Next year there is a plethora of wing prospects coming out. Currently has 17 (!!?) of them going in the 1st round, 12 of them 6'6 or bigger and 5 more if you count combo 2's. With Young and Crawford penciled in as our 2 guard rotation for the future, and Vesely and Singleton penciled in as our small forward rotation for the future, didn’t we address the wrong problem this yr? Isn’t our bigman problem much bigger in terms of rebounding defense and legitimate size? Are we gonna skip on the BPA next yr in 1 out of 2 possible cases?

Cheers guys.

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