What Do These Teams Ahead of Us Need?

There is a lot of debate about what's going to happen in the draft and who's going to go where, but probably the only certainty that we have right now is that we at least know what order everyone will draft in, but after that, there isn't much certainty.  With that said, I thought it might be a good idea to look at all the teams that are scheduled to draft ahead of us and talk about what they need.


1.  Cleveland Cavaliers, Needs: 1. PG 2. SF 3. C 4. SG

This team has big time holes at these four positions.  An argument can easily be made for them draft to Derrick Williams #1 as much as someone can argue for them drafting Kyrie Irving #1.  Either way, they still have holes to fill.  It would not make a lot of sense for them to draft a PF given that they still have hope in JJ Hickson.  Everywhere else seems fair game.


2. Minnesota Timberwolves, Needs: 1. C

Given that they just finally signed Ricky Rubio, it is clear that their greatest need is at C.  Unless they can pull a draft day trade of Michael Beasley, they have potential starters everywhere except C.  And unless they are willing to draft another foreign player to be their center of the future, it would probably be best for them to trade out because there really aren't a lot of options at C.  If they are unable to trade for a C, then drafting another PF to come off the bench might be their best option.

3.  Utah Jazz, Needs: 1. SG 2. PG

Utah is stacked in the front court.  They have one of the deepest young front courts in the league, but they don't really have much of a backcourt.  Devin Harris is still on the books for two more years, so unless you plan on putting him on the bench, it may make more sense to draft a SG, but either way they need depth at both positions.


4.  Cleveland Cavaliers, Needs: 1. PG 2. SF 3. C 4. SG

Ditto from earlier, but I would add, at this point, if they are still sitting at number 4, depending on who they draft, Williams or Irving, they will have a tough selection here.  If they get Irving, then they can very easily select a SG, SF or even C (more than likely a foreigner) that compliments Irving's skill set and become that second cornerstone.  Of course if they draft Williams then they have to think PG at this pick.  There is no way they can continue to build a team with Session/Davis as their PG options.  I think Session is nice but he should be a back up not a starter.


5.  Toronto Raptors, Needs:  1. SF 2. PG

There is so much uncertainty with this team, especially with them firing Jay Triano (like he had much to work with!).  They have pretty much locked up Andrea Bargnani  for years to come, they gave Amir Johnson a ridiculous contract, and they drafted Ed Davis, so needless to say, most of their front court is locked up for the next few years.  The problem right now is at SF and PG.  At SF, they have Linas Kleiza and James Johnson under contract.  At PG, they have Jose Calderon and Jerryd Bayless.  Because they have DeMar Derozan, who isn't a great outside shooter, in the starting lineup, it would make sense to add a player who is a good outside shooter to compliment him in the backcourt or at least sure up their defense at either position. Given that their depth at SF is not good, I would imagine them adding a athletic SF type like Singleton or Leonard.  Jose Calderon is still signed for another two years so adding a PG now might create a logjam at that position when they already have a gaping hole at SF.


What do you all think?

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