My 2011-12 Washington Wizards

This is such a great time of the off season with the lottery still over a week away and the uncertainty that reigns supreme over those 14 lottery positions.  Much will be answered after the lottery is held on the 17th, but in the meantime the projecting and "mocking" is a lot of fun to play couch GM of your favorite team.

If I were in Ernie's shoes and since we're playing couch GM it might be a pair of slippers or Crocs for some of you, I'd have three major objectives that I'd want to accomplish before the start of the next season.  My List of off season goals would include:

1.  Trade Andray Blatche, it's simply addition by subtraction at this point with him

2.  Maximize your gains from Nick Young's breakout season

3.  Draft players that can be pieces to the puzzle, starters or top 8 or 9 guys at worst

Here's how I accomplish my goals:

1.  Trade Blatche to the Indianapolis Pacers for James Posey and the 15th pick.  Posey is your "3&D" guy that can play the Mo Evans type role, plus he'll be in the last year of his contract at $6.9 million.  For Indy, Blatche can fill their void at PF and create a very interesting Pacers squad with D. Collison, B. Rush/P. George, D. Granger, Blatche, and R. Hibert.  The deal seems to work for both parties.

2.  Sign Wilson Chandler or sign and trade Nick Young for Chandler.  The Nuggets seem to have accepted that Chandler's gone, but with Chandler, Affalo, and JR Smith all FA's, the Nuggets need to find a SG that can play between Ty Lawson and Gallinari, Young would be a good fit.  For the Wizards, Chandler will turn 24 in May and has incredible athleticism and could easily develop into a top 8 SF in the league over the next 3-4 years. 

3.  The draft is still a mystery, but there's no doubt that the Wizards should have a pretty good chance of landing D. Williams, E. Kanter, J. Vesely, or B. Biyombo with their lottery pick.  Then you'll have a chance to grab K. Thompson with either the 15th pick (from Indy) or the 18th pick, plus one of either K. Leonard, T. Honeycutt, or C. Singleton with the other 1st rd pick (15 or 18).  Finally they look for a backup PG with the 34th pick, somebody like J. Selby, M. Lee, or M. Brooks.

Therefore you'd be looking at a 2011 Wizards roster that looked something like this:

PG: J. Wall, 34th pick (M. Lee)

SG: J. Crawford, K. Thompson (15th or 18th pick), O. Jeffers

SF: W. Chandler, C. Singleton (15th or 18th pick), J. Posey

PF: R. Lewis, T. Booker, D. Williams/E. Kanter/J. Vesely/B.Biyombo (lottery pick)

C:  J. McGee, K. Seraphin, N'diaye


That's what I'd do.  Get rid of Blatche, sign Chandler, and look for players that can continue the rebuilding process via the draft.

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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