Ted's plan, the sixth pick and how we are doing so far


Ted’s plan is to acquire a young core, let them grow together while getting tougher in the process and finally fill in the blanc's through FA (summer of 2013)


We lucked into JW as our center piece to build around and hoped Andray, after his arrival last season,  would be the second serious building block to compliment Wall. That's why he got his extension. With Young, Yi, Thorton, McGee, Seraphin and Booker we had a mix of young players and the time to see if any of them could be part of our future. Meanwhile, Hinrich, Howard and Armstrong were added for veteran presence and i very much believe Ted/Ernie intended to get rid of Arenas from the start.


So, we should have had 2 legit building blocks by now (Wall, Blatche) + 1 or 2 potentials from the young mix (McGee very likely being one of them). As it is Ted's plan to build through the draft I believe he wanted to add a third legit building block via this draft and hopefully one of the other young players/draft picks can develop into a building block/ potential as well over the next two season’s.  


By the summer of 2013 we are going into the 4th and last yr of JW's rookie deal. We should have 4 or 5 core pieces in place + and 2 or 3 potentials and we should be winning by now. This 2013 summer is going to be huge in order to make the next step to become a contender. This summer 1 or 2 pieces are acquired through FA or trades to round out a solid 8 to 10 man rotation as we go to battle for home court advantage in  2013-2014.


So how are we doing so far? 


The bad news is, Blatche regressed, we landed the 6th pick in a crapy draft. The good news, Young came through this season, we got rid of Arenas, acquired another young potential in Crawford and Booker and McGee showed they are potential core pieces.


With Blatche regressing to the 2nd group, so far we have 1 true building block in Wall and a 2nd if we lockup Young. Blatche, McGee, Booker and Crawford are in the mix as potentials with Seraphin as a big question mark floating around there as well.


Going forward   

This draft is the most important one in our rebuild, after last years of course, since its likely the last one with a high lottery pick. Unfortunately its not that high and to make things worse, it’s a crapy draft. The true building blocks are out of our reach as things stand now and from 5-20 there is a big group of Booker’s and Crawford’s or, if you will, role players.


This brings me to the point of this post: In order follow through on Ted’s plan, we can’t afford to come away with just a sollid role player in this draft. We cannot afford to go into next season, just missing the play offs or going out in the first round as an 8th or 7th seed ad add ánother role player in the next draft. That would mean we’ll go into the summer of 2013 with 1 true building block in Wall (maybe 2 if we re-sign Young) and a bunch of role players. Now, since the role players are starting (we have nothing else) a lot of us, maybe including me, will think those role players are core pieces while they are really not. We’ll fool our selves into mediocrity and be a first round play off team for 2 yrs in a row and than John Wall walk’s.


This post is a longwinded way to say that we need to stop settling for our sixth pick. I noticed a movement over the last week that seems ok with staying at # 6 and draft a role player. That’s not what we need you guys! 



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