The Case Against a SF at #6

respectfully, i disagree with mike in his post outlining the case for Singleton #6. and i know he is smart and follows this game much closer than me. on the other hand, i offer 20-30 years of perspective depending on how you value those teen years.

the wizzards went 20-21 at home and 3-38 on the road. it is beyond obvious there is a consistency problem, which would make an interesting post to debate in itself. the biggest hole that needs an ER response is the front court- STAT!

the wizzards have passable starters next season at the 1-3 spot. i know lewis needs to be upgraded with young talent at the 3. and there is debate to how well NY fills the 2. the ultimate answer to that depends how the roster is filled out. if you get two more stars at 3-5, then NY’s skillset and salary complements a group of core stars well as a role player initially. there is a salary cap after all. if not, we need to upgrade that spot as well. but our starting SG four years from now wont be determined this season.

we dont have a starting caliber 4 or 5 right now. Haywood  amd Jamison, our previous best front court starters are reserves on a championship and crappy team, respectively. I know all about AB’s and JVM’s potential. i dont want to get into all that or what amount of their potential they will eventually realize in this initial post.

the fact is they are both reserve level talents right now with how they played last year. if either one of those guys were more developed or consistent, we win a lot more than 23 games- including the 6 wins that came in the last 10 games when we played against the other team’s reserves and/or tank-like efforts. and we definitely win more than a measly, and that is being generous, three road games over six months. or we need to acquire that front court player in free agency. though the draft stays within Ted’s vision for rebuilding this franchise better; the open market will be a more expensive option, if it is an option at all.

whether we keep the pick at six or trade it, we need to draft the best front court prospect with our first pick to try and land a legit starter who will give real effort for all 82 games within two years. (assuming we dont trade it or acquire one in free agency).

if AB and/or JVM develop into legitimate starters and haven’t been traded, great, we still need AT LEAST three very solid front court players to go deep in the playoffs. so under no scenario is drafting a front court player at #6 a luxury. 3 road wins all season does not cut it- at all- under any circumstance when there is a 15 player roster and $60-70mm cap. our inconsistency on the road is the elephant in the room that everyone seems to be ignoring. it needs to be addressed immediately. as fans, we can have fun playing gm and trading this for that pre-draft, speculating on how much players develop, etc. next year’s draft is deep, and we will still have many needs, etc. but ernie has his hands full with this matter. Ernie needs to add at least one legitimate, young, front court piece this off-season because as you know, young front court players need a few years to develop. it will probably cost or cement ernie's job status with us over the next few years. i am hopeful and wish him luck.


what are your thoughts?

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