NBA Draft Combine Measurements Open Thread

The measurements of many key prospects are coming in at the 2011 NBA Draft combine.  While it's easy to downplay these, they can be tremendously instructive in determining where a player ends up playing in the pros.  College is such a different game that evaluating it is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Anyway, based on this, here are some key measurements.  For a point of comparison, here's a database of past prospects.

Enes Kanter: 6'9.75'' in socks, 6'11.25'' in shoes, 7'1.5'' wingspan, 9'1.5'' stand and reach. Not a true center, but definitely big enough to play the position.

Derrick Williams: 6'7.25'' in socks, 6'8.75'' in shoes, 7'1.25'' wingspan, 9'0'' stand and reach. Worth noting: that's the same wingspan as Joakim Noah. A 10.8% body fat is bad though. Overall, he's a 4 to me, not a 3.

Kyrie Irving: 10.2% body fat. Yikes.

Kawhi Leonard: Just 6'7'' in shoes, but he has a 7'3'' wingspan and an 8'10'' stand and reach, which is crazy (his wingspan is higher than DeJuan Blair, for example).  This makes me think he could play power forward, which would enhance his value. Also, Leonard's hand width is 11.3 inches, which is about the size of a toilet seat.

Marcus Morris: 6'7'' without shoes, 6'8.75'' in shoes, 6'10'' wingspan, 8'9.5'' stand and reach. Not great. Those are the measurements of a small forward.

Markieff Morris: 6'7.75'' without shoes, 6'9.25'' with shoes, 6'10.75'' wingspan, 8'10.5'' stand and reach, 10.2% body fat. The last one gives me pause.

Jimmer Fredette: 6'0.75'' in socks, 6'2.5'' in shoes, 6'4.5'' wingspan. Ew.

Kenneth Faried: 6'6'' without shoes, 6'7.5'' in shoes, 7' wingspan, 9' stand and reach. Pretty so-so for an inside player, but great for a 3.

Jordan Hamilton: 6'6.75'' without shoes, 6'8.5'' in shoes, 6'9.5'' wingspan, 8'8'' stand and reach. Kind of intriguing as a 2. Chris Miller reports the Wizards like him.

Tyler Honeycutt: 6'6.75'' without shoes, 6'8.25'' in shoes, 6'9'' wingspan, 8'9'' stand and reach. Similar to Hamilton, but more of a defensive mindset. I like him.

Chris Singleton: 6'7.75'' in socks, 6'9'' in shoes, 7'1'' wingspan, 8'7.5'' stand and reach. Why's the stand and reach so small? I do like only a 7.4% body fat.

Tristan Thompson: 6'7.5'' in socks, 6'8.75'' in shoes, 7'1.25'' wingspan, 9'0.5'' stand and reach. Very impressive wingspan/sit-and-reach. Also, 6.5% body fat

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