Why the Wizards need to make a trade Now



J wall, T booker, Dray, Mcgee, NY,  seraphin, lewis,  Crawford = 8 players guaranteed to be here. (assuming we resign NY)

Assume we drop:  Mo evans, Josh howard , O. Jefferies, and Yi  (although we’re probably going to keep 1 of the four and I vote for evans…)

Add our 2012 pick in a stocked draft (where we’ll probably be a lottery team again), as well as a big free agent signing, that will be 10 good players by  2013.  (If you want to be conservative and assume we'll drop or trade rashard at this point, we can even drop that # to 9 just to be safe) 

3 draft picks this year = 10, 11, 12 sending N’diah to the D league. 

I believe that drafting 3 players this year doesn’t really make sense. Especially the 34th pick which is basically useless…. Even if the 18th and 34th pick are decent players, unless they turn out better than a trevor booker or mo' evans or crawford....they are probably gonna sit at the end of the bench for 2 years or get dropped simply because we don't have space.   My point is: Now is the time to trade for a proven starter.

Seraphin I feel is good trade bait now.  I like him a lot but frankly I don’t know if he’s gonna turn into much….. I realize he’s very young and raw, but if he has another year w/basically no productivitiy, GMs may be very weary next year.

I think it may be worth it to package like blatche, seraphin, and 18th for  lot for a guy like Igoudala.   (And its difficult for me to write this I absolutely love andray)...I know it feels like we'd be giving up a lot, but remember theres only 5 players on the court at once, and the key is to improve the quality of your starters.  There's a hundred seraphins and 18th picks out there, and lets face it, we need talent around Jwall or he’s gonna leave.  That is way more important than the building through the draft strategy.Everyone would trade  blatche for iggy...right?


jwall, igoudala, booker, ny, mcgee, crawford, 6th overall pick  this year (i like Tristin thompson as a PF),  2012 first rounder, free agent star, (possibly rashard/ mo evans)...starting to seeem like a team that could be a legit contender...

Another option is to try  to trade 18 and 34 to move up to get like the 13th pick.   If we did that and walked away w/a Tristin Thompson and leaonard or bismack, id be pretty satisfied. 


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