Can the Wizards Save Cleveland?

For most teams outside of the lucky few that get a chance to draft ultra elite players like MJ, Kobe (draft day trade), Timmy, and LeBron, winning in the NBA can be short lived at best.  Even sometimes when you do draft a player of that elite 1%, they might make a "decision" to leave your franchise.  Winning is tough and no two franchises have had their chairs pulled out from underneath them quicker then the Wizards and Cavs have.  Luckily for the Wizards their transition to rebuilding mode has been easier to swallow with the arrival of John Wall, while for Cleveland the pain and wounds are very much still raw.  I find it hard to imagine, thinking back as to how heated the rivalry was between these two franchises not all that long ago, what with the "crab dribble", Soulja Boy, hand waving, and more, that perhaps now it's the Wizards that could save the Cavs future.


Outside of the two lottery picks the Cavs have in their pocket, there's little else steering their franchise into better weather, in fact the Cavs have positioned themselves to be in a very precarious spot, since their roster is filled with inferior players, but also the Cavs have basically no cap room.  Currently the Cavs have 12 players under contract for next season at $55 mil.  You can easily point to the contracts that come along with Baron Davis, Antawn Jamison, and Anderson Varejao and their nearly $37 million combined price tag as serious weights holding back the Cavs progress.


This is where I believe the Wizards can use the cap room they've created and space on their roster to throw the Cavs a life raft by taking some of those lofty contracts off of Cleveland's books in exchange for one extremely large contract. 

In a dream scenario for Cleveland they land the top overall pick and select Kyrie Irving, but with Baron Davis already under contract, few available dollars, and absolutely nothing at SF, the Cavs hand could be forced to take Derrick Williams.  This is how the Wizards can help the Cavs, by taking Baron Davis off of their hands and allowing them to begin their rebuilding process with Irving, much like the Wizards did with Wall last year.

Washington acquires Baron Davis, Antawn Jamison, and the Cavs 2nd 1st rd pick

in exchange for

Rashard Lewis and the Wizards 18th pick.

Basically as I see it, the Wizards are swapping out one awful contract for another awful contract (Davis') and one year stuck paying AJ $15 mil, but get them out of paying Lewis $22 mil next season and because they're still going to have buy him out in the off season and be stuck paying him another $10 mil in the process.  Most importantly the Wizards add another top 10 pick this year.

For Cleveland they save over $6 million in cap room, while it gives them freedom to start over with Irving, yet still add a second quality player with the 18th pick...perhaps that SF.

For Washington, a team with at least $15 mil in available cap space no matter how the new CBA shakes out, takes on two high dollar vets for one extremely high contract, but with so much roster space available and needing some veteran presence the Wizards kill two birds with one stone, while only costing them an extra $6 mill this season and $5 mil next season.

Obviously the reason for this trade is to acquire another top 10 pick.  This would allow them to draft either Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter, or Kawhi Leonard with their  lottery pick and either Jan Vesely, Bismack Biyombo, or Alec Burks depending on who slips with the pick acquired from Cleveland in this deal

Could you imagine Jamison coming back to DC for that $15 mil EG inked the deal for?  Could Baron co-exist with Wall?  Could Baron slide to the SG at times?  Isn't this the BOYD strategy we discuss?  What do you think?

This represents the view of the user who wrote the FanPost, and not the entire Bullets Forever community. We're a place of many opinions, not just one.

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